Sunday, 30 June 2019

#1050, #1051 and #1052 - Action Force Hunter, Commander and Jammer

#1050 - Action Force Hunter

The original Hunter figure was a repainted Cobra Officer. I have made a few customs of this character in the last few years. In each case, I purposely stayed away from Cobra Trooper parts to try to make the character distinct from his Cobra roots. However, each time I was not completely satisfied with my customs. This time, I decided to make him as close to the reference material as possible. The only change I made was the helmet as the Cobra helmet is a bit too recognizable.

Head, torso, arms, legs: POC Cobra Trooper
Harness: 25th Cobra Officer
Helmet: Marauder MTF

#1051 - Action Force Commander

The Action Force Commander has been on my customs to-do list for a while. I had previously tried my hand at building this character a few years ago. At the time, I tried to re-invent the look by giving him jacket and camouflaged pants. It worked fine at the time. However, I eventually wanted to make a vintage accurate version. The original figure was a repaint of the Red Shadows Black Major figure (or the vice versa). Accordingly, my Commander custom shares the same parts recipe as my previous Black Major custom.

Head: Indiana Jones German General
Torso: RoC Snake Eyes
Upper arms: 25Th Cobra Commander
Lower arms: 25th Crimson Guard
Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Feet: 50th Low Light
Hands: Marauder MTF
Collar: AVAC cast

#1052 - Action Force Jammer

I made a custom Jammer a few years ago. It was simply an Ultimate Battle Pack Stalker with a PTE radio backpack and some red paint on the beret. It was fine for my Action Force shelf for a while. However, I upgraded my GI Joe Stalker build recently and I have also been updating all of my older Action Force customs as well. So I figured that I would update my Jammer custom while I was at it. This meant a painting a complete figure, but I much prefer it to my previous LBCish Jammer.

Torso: ROC Snake Eyes
Arms, legs: DG Duke
Beret, hands: Marauder MTF
Webgear: 25th Stalker