Thursday, 28 February 2019

Resurgence Night Force Day 11

Script and photography by Oreobuilder
Story outline: bucky, danofthedead and Oreobuilder
Editing and all art by Doe138

Major Barrage by Oreobuilder
The Howitzer needed an artillery commander. The Joe team has several, Grand Slam and Long Range come to mind. I wanted to go off the beaten path and include a character that is not necessarily on the top of people’s minds, so I turned to the New Sculpt/DTC years for inspiration. Major Barrage is a character that has never gotten much attention but has much potential in my opinion. I have previously made a Barrage custom a few years ago, but I wanted to rethink the whole parts recipe. His filecard describes him as a hulking "mountain of a man" and I wanted to convey that size. Accordingly, he is made up of Retaliation Roadblock parts.

Head: Marauder MTF
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation wave 1 Roadblock
Lower arms, hands, legs: Retaliation wave 2 Roadblock
Vest: retaliation 3-pack Roadblock (modified)
Night Howitzer by Oreobuilder
I had a beat-up vintage Howitzer in my fodder box that I really did not know what to do with. I picked it up cheap at a local toy show a few years ago since I’m a sucker for the old battlefield accessory sets and I can never get enough. I already have a clean green vintage set, a desert custom and a blue Cobra custom, so a Night Force version seemed like a fun version to do next. I had to cut off the end of the cannon barrel since the tip was melted as well as drill a new hole for the trailer hitch. After that, it was simply a matter of painting the whole thing black.

Usually Night Force vehicles have red guns and missiles. In this case, since the whole playset is a gun, I opted to use stickers for the red highlights rather that red painted parts.

All: Vintage GI Joe Howitzer

Scrap Iron by Danofthedead
I was pretty invested in the Strike Team Urban Division set at this point, and Scrap-Iron seemed like a perfect fit in his red and black for Shadow Brigade. The build became a question of how much to stray from that design… I wanted to have SOME fun with it or it could be a really boring figure. And there was the temptation to use one of OreoBuilder’s great RESURGENCE Scrap-Iron designs in red and black, but I ultimately chose to stay pretty close to the Urban Strike design. The biggest change being the Lift Ticket parts to give him just a little more armor and texture.

Scrap-Iron (and various repaints) - Base Figure, Vest, Helmet
Lift Ticket - Upper Arms, Knees, Lower Legs

Shadow Strike by Danofthedead
Pretty straight forward repaint. I think I grabbed it cheap at the Last LAST Joe Con, looking for small vehicles I could try to do for this project. I’ve still got a lot to learn on vehicles, but mostly I’m just proud this one actually got finished. I was agonizing over what type of missile launcher to give Scrap-Iron, when it occurred to us that he's a pretty natural fit for driving this thing.

Imp - Base Vehicle
Star Wars Accessory - Control Stick
Xyber-9 - Updated Cannon

Frag Vipers by Oreobuilder
While I was working on this project, an opportunity came up to purchase three GI Joe Club Frag Vipers for a great price. Frag Vipers have never been anywhere near the top of my favorite Cobra troop types, but I like the concept. When they arrived in the mail, I already knew that I wanted to include them in this project. The original caramel brown does not fit for Cobra, I figured black was more fitting. Fortunately, it was a simple thing to use a couple of different Snake Eyes' to create a new figure without any paint.

Head, belt, sash, accessories: GIJCC Frag Viper
Torso, arms: Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Snake Eyes

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Resurgence Night Force Day 10

Script and photography by Oreobuilder
Story outline: bucky, danofthedead and Oreobuilder
Editing and all art by Doe138

Skids by Oreobuilder
Once I decided to include the AWE Striker in our Night Force II project, it needed a driver. Crankcase is a no-brainer, but I never cared for the character, so I was not inspired to make a custom of him. I looked at other Joe Drivers including Night Fox and Clutch, but settled on Skidmark, renamed Skids for this project.

Skidmark is a character that every Joe fan knows, mostly because of his name. I have had a Skidmark build in my WIP pile for a while now, but never got around to painting him. Then, the Club released their version that is very vintage-accurate. I update my work-in-progress version with ROC Snake Eyes legs to match the Club’s and gave him a Night Force inspired color scheme. I kept the legs black to avoid paint scraping when placing him in the driver’s seat.

Head: Renegades Cobra Trooper
Torso, arms: 50th Beachhead
Legs: RoC Snake Eyes
Belt: 50th Hawk
Vest: 50th Spirit

AWE Striker by Oreobuilder
The AWE Striker has been released several times since 2001 and anyone who has been collecting for a while probably has more that one in their collection. Despite the "overexposure", I have always liked the vehicle. It has some fun features like the turning front wheels, the working suspension and the removable engine cover (and engine). There have been a few black versions released, but none that I felt fit with the Night Force color scheme (at least not 100%), so I painted my own. I ended up mashing together parts from the FOE, the Retaliation version and the PoC version to get all the parts I wanted.

Chassis and undercarriage: Retaliation Ninja Commando 4x4
Gun, engine, engine cover and headlights: PoC AWE Striker
Cockpit screen/machine gun rack: FOE Striker

Dark Alley Viper by Danofthedead
These guys I think are the ones who sold me on really taking on the Strike Team - Urban Division COBRAs. I LOVE Alley Vipers. But I think very few of the repaints and resculpts match what made the first one so good, even in it’s crazy colors. This was an attempt to take all that stuff that DID work on later Alley Vipers and the Urban Strike colors and pull them together. I think the Torpedo arms should be required by law on all Alley Viper customs now… I think they added some needed upper arm bulk/armor and even have the V2 ribbed gauntlets. While I dropped camo on the Midnight Creepers, I love the tall boots on the Captain America legs, and when I saw they came in black I knew those were the right choice. I considered painting them fully black to match the original figure, but ultimately decided the digital camo was a nice touch and let it stay. I normally don’t like the “hog nose” mask on Alley Vipers, but it works well in black on black. I still love the simple, knight-like visor from the first figure though, so I included an alternate set of visors. Eventually, I think I’ll find a pair V1 style shields for their load out as well.

Torpedo - Upper Body, Arms
Night Mission Captain America - Hips, Legs
Ragin’ Spoon Alley-Way Kit
Alley Viper - Alternate Visor