Sunday, 16 December 2018

#1042 Crimson Shadow Guard

#1042 - Crimson Shadow Guard

I have made a few Shadow Guard customs over the years. After making my ‘’ultimate’’ Crimson Guard army during Custom Celebration 2018, I started planning my Shadow Guard squad using the same recipe. I had fewer 50th SGs than CGs, but for the role they play in my Joeverse, it makes sense to have a smaller squad.

The Crimson Shadow Guard was one of the interesting concepts to come out of Valor vs Venom. According to the original packaging, Shadow Guards are pretty much the Night Force version of regular CGs. However, several Joe fans (myself among them) like to use them as Cobra's secret police. I think they make much more sense in this context.

Head, torso, arms, upper legs, backpack, rifle: 50th Shadow Guard
Lower legs: 25th Crimson Guard
Logo: Cobrastickers


  1. very cool. What is the background set from? the fence and the checkpoint. There's a very nice guarded entrance and fence coming up by M&C this year, the ones that make powerteam elite figures and vehicles. I like the idea of shadow-guard being a secret police but never cared for their uniforms, they are too regal same with the Iron grenadiers, Spy troops/VvV IG are alright though, if a bit Ninjaey.

    1. Thanks! I saw the new gate from M&C and it looks great! I think right now the only way to get it is from their website, but I have never ordered directly from them.

      The fence is from an Animal Planet set, a dinosaur set if I recall correctly. The guard station is the top of a PTE guard tower repainted in Cobra colors.