Friday, 23 November 2018

#1037 Valor vs Venom Duke & #1038 Valor vs Venom Stalker

#1037 - Valor vs Venom Duke

The non-action attack Valor vs Venom Duke was an excellent figure in its time. It had good sculpting and decent proportions. I prefer the green repaint. It is nostalgic for me as it was one of the very first figures that I bought in 2005 when I got back into Joes as an adult. I bought it loose online along with Valor vs Venom Stalker and a few others and, although it is dated by today's standards, it was a fun figure.

For my custom, I played around with several parts combos, but ended up using mostly Marauder MTF parts as these were better suited to replicate the original's look.

Head: 50th Duke
Everything else: Marauder MTF

#1038 - Valor vs Venom Stalker

Valor vs Venom Stalker was one of the first Joes I bought when I started collecting again as an adult in 2005. As such, the figure holds some nostalgic value for me. I never had any of the original Stalker figures growing up, so this was the first time I added the character to my Joe collection. I always liked this re imagined version of Stalker. Aside from the yellow forearm gauntlets, it was a solid figure with decent proportions and good detail.

This was a pretty simple build to make. I actually put it together and it sat unpainted in my WIP bin for over a year (at least). I go through my WIP bins periodically to decide what to proceed with and what to part out. When I got to Stalker, I still liked my parts combo, so I put him on my painting table. After a long wait, I glad to have him done and added to my neo New Sculpt custom shelf.

Head: Resolute Stalker
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation Firefly
Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Lower arms: Marauder MTF
Belt: Star Trek


  1. Nice! My main Joe's (about the 4 or 5 men fireteam I sometimes pose around as doing a raid or something on my desk etc) are a bunch of kitbashed VvV, the modern joes look better but the playability is not there some times with them. Hey, I think it would be nice if you could also include the paint you used in your customs? I appreciate the work you do and respect your skills.

    1. Thank you Kanov. I use mostly Tamiya paints. However, recently, I discovered Citadel paints and they work great. I'm looking forward to seeing your fireteam. Are they anywhere on the web?


  2. I uploaded some pics. Try to guess the parts used!