Friday, 23 November 2018

#1037 Valor vs Venom Duke & #1038 Valor vs Venom Stalker

#1037 - Valor vs Venom Duke

The non-action attack Valor vs Venom Duke was an excellent figure in its time. It had good sculpting and decent proportions. I prefer the green repaint. It is nostalgic for me as it was one of the very first figures that I bought in 2005 when I got back into Joes as an adult. I bought it loose online along with Valor vs Venom Stalker and a few others and, although it is dated by today's standards, it was a fun figure.

For my custom, I played around with several parts combos, but ended up using mostly Marauder MTF parts as these were better suited to replicate the original's look.

Head: 50th Duke
Everything else: Marauder MTF

#1038 - Valor vs Venom Stalker

Valor vs Venom Stalker was one of the first Joes I bought when I started collecting again as an adult in 2005. As such, the figure holds some nostalgic value for me. I never had any of the original Stalker figures growing up, so this was the first time I added the character to my Joe collection. I always liked this re imagined version of Stalker. Aside from the yellow forearm gauntlets, it was a solid figure with decent proportions and good detail.

This was a pretty simple build to make. I actually put it together and it sat unpainted in my WIP bin for over a year (at least). I go through my WIP bins periodically to decide what to proceed with and what to part out. When I got to Stalker, I still liked my parts combo, so I put him on my painting table. After a long wait, I glad to have him done and added to my neo New Sculpt custom shelf.

Head: Resolute Stalker
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation Firefly
Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Lower arms: Marauder MTF
Belt: Star Trek

Saturday, 17 November 2018

#1035 Python Patrol Officer and #1036 Python Patrol Crimson Guard

#1035 - Python Patrol Officer

Recently, I have been phasing out all my 25th anniversary custom figures and upgrading them to 50th standards of articulation and sculpting. Looking at my Python Patrol shelf, all the figures need an upgrade. I had been using the 25th Python Officer as a trooper and had accumulated a squad of about 12. I decided to eliminate these and make a proper custom Officer to replace them.

This was a simple custom to make. I started with a Dollar General Cobra Officer since that figure is already black. I simply swapped the webgear for the 25th figure and painted the helmet, mask and knees.

All: DG Cobra Officer (black uniform)
Webgear: 25th Python Patrol

#1036 - Python Patrol Crimson Guard

The 25th Crimson Guard mold was fine (but not perfect) when it was released, but is dated now. Recently, I worked to make a better version of the original Crimson Guard. After that, I thought I could improve on the Python Patrol version. I started by swapping the head for the newer sculpt. After that, changing the upper legs gave them some more bulk and got them closer to the original’s look as well. All that was left was to add some paint.

Head: 50th Crimson Shadow Guard
Torso, arms, lower legs, back pack, Rifle: 25th Python Crimson Guard
Upper Legs: 25th Cobra Commander