Sunday, 15 July 2018

#1019 Snake Eyes V2 and Timber and #1020 Hawk V2

Snake Eyes v2 was my first and only version of the character that I had a kid. Since I grew up mostly with the Sunbow cartoon and had very few issues of the comic, Snake Eyes was not more important than any other character in my stories. However, I had one comic issue that I loved – number 55 "Unmaskings". In it, a team of Joes rescue Snake Eyes (disguised as Flint) from a Terrordrome only to have him make a heroic stand to help them escape. That issue left a lasting impression and made this version of the ninja commando my favorite.

The Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes figure is a really solid one. It is by far the best representation of version 2 of the character. However, there were a few things that I thought could be improved. I felt that the torso was too long and slick, so I swapped it for a shorter one. Also, the head was the movie one, so I swapped that part out as well. Lastly, I repainted the gray parts to a darker gray including the visor.

For Timber, I repainted the Ultimate version from white to light gray to better match the original toy.

Head: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Torso: ROC Snake Eyes
Arms, legs, belts, bandolier: Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes
Uzi, sword: 25th Snake Eyes
Timber: Retaliation Ultimate Snake Eyes

#1020 - Hawk V2

I never had a Hawk figure growing up. When the character was introduced in the second season of the cartoon, I liked him a lot. He was a good leader for GI Joe. Only when I got older did I put 2 and 2 together and figure out that Hawk was one of the original 13. Version 2, with the brown jacket remains the iconic version of the character for me to this day.

For my custom, I started from the 25th torso. It is well sculpted, but suffers from bad articulation at the elbows, so I started by trimming those to increase the range. I also swapped out the hands, the legs and replaced the head with the terrific Law head. A Marauder helmet capped everything off. For the colors, I tried to replicate the original toy colors as best I could.

Head: Renegades Law
Torso, arms, belt, holster: 25th Hawk
Legs: Renegades Duke
Helmet, hands, goggles: Marauder MTF

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