Sunday, 24 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 7: Emergency Evacuation

Airlift - Air Adventurer by Oreobuilder

Airlift is another member of the team that is directly taken from the classic Adventure Team. The vintage orange flight suited Air Adventurer is one of the iconic members of the team. I actually decided to make Airlift before deciding what he would be piloting. I felt that he was essential to the project.

Head, helmet: Marauder Task Force
Torso, arms, lower legs: Retaliation Data Viper
Upper legs: PoC Steel Brigade

Searlight - Rescue Adventurer by Oreobuilder

Searchlight is another of the simple LBCish customs that I made to help round out the project. I wanted an extra crew member for the Albatross beside the pilot Airlift. I played around with parts and came up with Searchlight to man the crew compartment.

Head, helmet: Marauder Task Force
Life vest: Playmobil
Everything else: 50th Shipwreck

Albatross Rescue Helicopter by Oreobuilder

I've wanted to make an Adventure Team version of the Tomahawk since I received a Retaliation Eaglehawk from Dusty79 during Custom Celebration X (2016). I have only been looking an opportunity and time to tackle it. Since it's basically just a repaint, it is not a complicated custom, but the Tomahawk makes a fun Adventure Team vehicle.

All: RoC Eaglehawk


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