Saturday, 23 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 6: The Conjuring

Astral Vipers - CHAOS Combat Mages by DanoftheDead

These guys were last minute additions due to the Toys R Us clearance. I snagged these guys thinking maybe I could do something a little closer to Sam's original Occult Viper concept sketch, and they just came together perfectly. I've also been experimenting with using Sharpies to color translucent parts. You have to be very patient with the dry time and sealing it after is a good idea, but it can yield some quick results without having to attempt a full dye job. Very fond how everything on these guys came out.

Doctor Strange - Base Figure
Batman King Tut - Ceremonial Stole
Odin - Hands
Anthony "Flash" Gambello - Head
Cobra Commander - Cobra Medallion
Storm-Shadow - Hood
Doctor Strange Astral Projection - Astral Form
Cast Flame Skulls - Astral Form Head

Glamour - CHAOS Enchantress by DanoftheDead

Another articulation fix I've wanted to do since the original Arkham Harley came out, this one also involved using two sets of the Suicide Squadron legs to make double-jointed knees to retain the molded fishnet pattern. It worked okay, but the new knees keep cracking the middle, there's just not enough material to support a glue weld. Still, with the exception of ankle movement, she's got a full range of movement and adds a lot of color to the lineup.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn - Head, legs
Arkham Origins Harley Quinn - Body
Batman Returns Catwoman - Boots
Fozzie Bear - Large Bow
Elsa Schneider - Arms
Pirates of the Caribbean - Cuffs
Spell Effects - Darth Maul, Anakin's Podracer

Dagon - Iron Grenadier Druid by DanoftheDead

Dagon started as just another member of cabal of Cobra druids, but his color scheme screamed IG and he seemed to fit in well with the them so we found him a place in this project. I enjoy making the swap-able animal masks for these robed figures, but I didn't really have a lot in mind for him character-wise. Sam came along and did his filecard magic and helped me come up with some great name choices for him, and we settled on Dagon for it's Lovecraftian connection and the "D" (Destro, Darklon) naming convention for McCullough members.

Mola Ram - Robes
Chief Temple Guard - Base Figure
Thorin Oakenshield - Head
Schliech Goat - Mask
Elite Force Marine Recon - Fur Cape

Void Vipers – CHAOS Mystical Troopers by DanoftheDead

Sam had a great sketch for an Occult-Viper that was my starting point for these guys, but as I worked on them I saw them less and less as magic users and more as Paranormal Astronauts... their robes were actually more like environment suits to protect them as they explored other dimensions and realities. Working on bad guys to go up against Adventure Team gave me liberty to play with the weirder side of G.I. Joe, which is frankly what I love most about it.

Guavian Death Gang Enforcer - Head
Destro v22 - Scarf
Chancellor Velorum - Robes
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Arms, Legs
Storm Shadow - Hands
Technomancy Staff - Senate Guard, Savage Opress, Scarlett Witch, and Anakin Skywalker accessories

To be concluded?

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