Friday, 22 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 5: The Temple of Cobrus

Coyote ATV – Adventure Team All Purpose Rapid Deployment Vehicle by Dusty79

This vehicle is definitely my longest project from start to finish. I actually painted this yellow in 2013 and then it got backburnered for a long time. Once I got back to working on it it still lingered. I changed the wheels 3 times and the black upper portion was completely changed as well. If not for this project it may still be unfinished. I really do like the way it ended up though. It really says modern AT to me.

Vehicle is a mash up of a POC VAMP and a Retaliation Combat Cruiser
Retaliation Duke drone
30th Lifeline case
The ROV is made from an Ertl Bobcat and a Renegades Tunnel Rat bomb robot

Overdrive – Adventure Team Driver by Oreobuilder

Overdrive was created because I painted up a PTE Dune Buggy a while back (Actually, I painted two at the same time. The second one now lives at drbindy's house following the Red Lasers vs Blue Lasers challenge) intending to include it in modern Adventure Team. However, I did not get around to making a driver for it at the time. I was going to include the dune buggy in the story as the vehicle the team uses to reach the Temple of Cobrus. However, Dusty19 made an awesome 4x4 vehicle using the 30th VAMP, so we replaced the dune buggy.

The decision to use a Val figure as a base came about because I wanted a figure that was slim enough to fit in the driver's seat while avoiding paint rub. I kept the tan t-shirt, but painted the pants a bright color to fit with the rest of the team.

Everything: Marauder Vals

Trailbreaker – Land Adventurer by Oreobuilder

After finishing the customs for the Adventure Team project, I started planning out how to reveal everything. While sorting everything into days, our desert mission was short one Adventurer. While looking at my 30th Stalker on my shelf, it occurred to me that with a few parts swaps, the body and camouflage of the figure are perfect to make a modern Land Adventurer. This was perfectly in keeping with the rest on my re-imagined Adventure Team members. In building all of them, I tried to keep the simplicity of the original 12'' figures, while modernizing their equipment and gear.

Head, hands: Marauder MTF
Torso, arms, legs: 30th Stalker
Belt: DG Duke
Backpack: 50th Lowlight
Gun: Retaliation Kwinn
Harness: 50th Hawk

Krypt – CHAOS Field Commander by Bucky

When we had been kicking around ideas for a project, adventure team had come up and Sam provided us with several ideas and sketches to flesh it out, one of them being a cobra treasure hunter, an evil Indiana Jones type. I gravitated towards the idea, and the cursed eye and breathing apparatus made it through all the different builds. I went with a large bulky build , partly wanted a strong villain that was imposing, and partly because the parts all went together so well. I topped it off with thE mask from the most recent corps offerings.

Head: MU Cable with Corps mask
Upper torso and arms: 50th outback
Vest: IJ villain
Legs: 50th bazooka and Retaliation trooper

CHAOS Vipers – CHAOS Troopers by Bucky

There are so many different types of vipers out there, that making a new viper is either really easy, or poses some difficulty. This one was a bit more difficult, and in the end I had to write out what I thought the vipers most distinct features were, and change everything else. I chose to go it’s a glass mask, and one red gauntlet.

Head: data vipers
Upper body: 50th dusty
Lower body: vipers

To be continued...

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