Thursday, 21 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 4: Ice Cliffs of Jörmungandr

Icepick - Arctic Adventurer by Oreobuilder

No Adventure Team collection is complete without an Arctic Adventurer. Ok, maybe that’s not true, but it’s certainly fun to have. The recipe is simple as the RoC Snake Eyes body and vest work well for any number of Arctic-themed customs. I tried to change things up with the colors. Rather than going all white, I used blue and tan as a call back to the 1970’s ‘’Fight for Survival’’ Adventure Team set.

Head: Marauder Task Force
Everything else: RoC Snake Eyes

Uplink - Communications Adventurer by Oreobuilder

Uplink came about very late in the Adventure Team project. The Trouble Shooter and Icepick were done. Icepick was always planned as the Arctic Adventurer, but I wanted a dedicated Communications specialist. Since the project’s reveal date was approaching quickly, I kit bashed a new character from existing painted parts. I used my comic version Snow Job custom that I had done for a group project and swapped out some parts. Since Uplink is not an Arctic specialist, this is only his cold weather getup. If I revisit the character later, he will have a different look.

Head: 25th GI Joe Trooper
Torso, upper arms: 25th Snow Job
Lower arms, legs: PoC Snow Job
Backpack: POC Recondo
Communications Station: Vintage wind-up accessory

Trouble Shooter II by Oreobuilder

The original Trouble Shooter was a fun tracked vehicle that had communication screens and antennas. I stripped the Corps launcher of its missiles for a previous project and had the base vehicle sitting around. When Dusty79 mentioned that he would like to do an Adventure Team project, I started thinking of ways of using the remaining vehicle shell. I considered painting it white and making it a straight up arctic vehicle, but creating an updated Trouble Shooter was more fun. Also, it can still be used in the Arctic, but also in other environments this way.

All: The Corps launcher with missiles removed and fodder bits added

Para-Psytes – CHAOS Psychic Hounds by DanoftheDead

These guys actually started as a way to use up the white Rex Lewis parts I had left over from buying up the white version for lab coats. The big breakthru on these was the idea that I could double up the forearm to make a poreable straight jacket sleeve. The tabs on the straps I inserted into the empty wrists still, work, the figures really can have their arms "tied" together behind their backs.

Mortal Kombat Baraka - Head
Rex "The Doctor" Lewis - Body, Arms, extended sleeves
Storm Shadow - Legs
Indiana Jones Ugha Warrior - Feet
Ship-Wreck - Containment Mask
Sgt. Airborne - Straight Jacket Strap

Wardens – CHAOS Para-Psyte Wranglers by DanoftheDead

I originally thought these guys were going to be Cobra K9 units, even painting up some dogs in Cobra blue, but the Wardens looked way geared up to just be worrying about dogs. Then I started thinking about them as handlers for the Para-Psytes, and realized they probably had to deal with ALL of Cobra's weird wild-life.

Low-Light - Base figure
Resolute Firefly - Vest
Resolute Ripcord - Knees
Steve Rogers - Leg Guards
The Corps! - Gloves
Restraining Pole - Leia in Boushh Disguise, Sgt. Airborne
Stun Baton and Holster Hook - The Corps!, Captain Piett, Snake-Eyes

To be continued...


  1. Those file names for Icepick and Uplink are real beauties, eh?

    1. LOL, nice catch. We have a behind the scenes day on Monday that will have some more nuggets like that.