Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 3: Shrine of the Mountain Serpent

Ocelot - Adventure Team Driver by Bucky

When Dusty79 showed us the vehicles he had in store for the project, they were missing drivers. I volunteered to make one, and chose the yellow Duke body to go with the yellow on the jeep. I'll be honest, I didn't put much thought into the character at all, I just tried to make a somewhat easy build as I was about to send off my portion to Oreobuilder for pictures. Very little paint was involved.
The name came from Oreobuilder, and the Characterization came from Sam, our filecard writer, which helped flesh out an otherwise bland figure from me.

Head-Low Light
Body-50th Duke
Vest-MTF with Joe scrap pieces

Mule Mountain 4x4 by Dusty79

When I saw this Bruder Land Rover Fire Department Vehicle I immediately thought Adventure Team. After swapping out the emergency lights for a roof rack and adding some accessories, it was just a matter of removing some decals and replacing them with an AT themed decal set. It was a very simple custom, but it really screams Adventure Team to me.

Bruder Land Rover Fire Department Vehicle
Roof rack from different version of Bruder Land Rover
Various decals
Yellow striping tape

Quickdraw - Mountain Adventurer by Oreobuilder

Quickdraw started his existence as Crayfish, the Swamp Adventurer. It was one of the first figures I assembled for this project. I knew that we would get to all the traditional Adventurers – Air, Sea, Land, etc – so I started in an environment that does not have an Adventure Team specialist yet. His build is simple. I elected to keep Chuckles’ printed shirt as is since it’s the kind of clothing that would be worn in warmer areas like the Florida Keys. I had planned on painting up a swamp boat for him and he was searching for DeLeon’s lost treasure.

The swamp boat never got finished, so when we started putting the whole project together, the swamp setting was changed to a mountain mission. I decided to re-purpose Crayfish. I swapped his boonie hat for a climbing helmet and he got some new gear. He became Quickdraw, the Mountain Adventurer.

Head, helmet: Marauder Task Force
Torso, arms: 50th Chuckles
Legs: Retaliation Kwinn
Holster: Retaliation Colton
Rope bundle: 50th Storm Shadow
Backpack: 50th Lowlight

Crystal Ball – CHAOS Mystic by Bucky

The Resurgence version of Crystal Ball made his debut in our Mission Brazil set: ... ssion.html

If you follow the continuity of our story, Crystal Ball and his group won that particular battle, and he disappeared back into the shadows of Cobra. After the events of Resurgence 3, Cobra is shattered and broken, so having him reappear here in a storyline that fits him so perfectly was fun, and gave me another shot at him. He's a little more darker and edgier this go round.

Head-Retaliation Roadblock
Torso-Retaliation Trooper v1
Arms- Snake Eyes
Upper Legs-Night Viper
Lower Legs-Rise of Cobra Trooper
Waist piece-Loki
Fur Collar-Unknown

To be continued...

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