Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Resurgence Adventure Team Day 2: Secret Mission to Cobra Island

Night Wolf - Espionage Adventurer by Oreobuilder

When I was piecing together all the figures for this project, I was surprised at how easily they came together with minimal painting. Night Wolf was no exception. Thanks to Marauder heads and hands as well as some PoC era parts, most Adventure Team members are borderline LBCs. I wanted to include a nod to the iconic original Adventure Team ''Secret Mission to Spy Island'' set in this project. However, I wanted to modernize it, so I picked appropriate parts.

Head, hat: Marauder Task Force
Torso, arms, legs: 50th Snake Eyes
Harness: DG Duke
Backpack: 50th Firefly

Seawing Infiltration Craft by Oreobuilder

The Adventure Team Infiltration Craft is about as LBC as you can get for a vehicle. The original zodiac was already black. I added the front ring to allow it to be towed and painted the ropes on the sides. After that, it was simply a matter of collecting all the accessories.

All: PTE zodiac

ZomBATS by DanoftheDead

I've been wanting to tackle these since the 5 point of articulation Age of Ultron figures came out. The cheap Terminators on ebay are a great source for adding articulation to robots and droids, it's just a lot of work making everything work together. Luckily, these guys are supposed to look pretty beat up so any rough spots kinda help sell the look. I'm really happy with how these guys came out, and I think Sam's illustrator might be my favorite artwork of all my Resurgence projects.

Various B.A.T.S. - Cast Battle Damaged Heads
Avengers: AoU Ultron/Damaged Iron Legion - Torso, arms, legs
Termination Salvation: T-700 - Shoulders, Elbows, Hips

To be continued...

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