Friday, 2 March 2018

Project No Joe Day 12: American Defense

''American Defense... the very name strikes terror into the hearts of the enemies of freedom! American Defense... the elite secret troop of specialized fighters in Defense of Freedom! American Defense... headed by the Super Eight Attack Squad... America's best Defense!'' - Taken from back of 1986 packaging.

American Defense was a line of 3 ¾’’ military toys sold exclusively at Kmart in the eighties. The line started with Galoob’s A-Team molds and Remco grew it from there. It was later produced by different companies and ended up in dollar stores and discount outlets. Similar to GI Joe, it included a wide variety of colorful characters. However, without a cartoon, comic or any marketing to back it up, the line rode GI Joe’s coattails for a while and then disappeared.

American Defense Touchdown by HypnoHustler

Kids like sports and kids like army men. Hasbro knew that, Remco presumably realized it once they saw Hasbro do it. Either way, it's how we got that gridiron grenadier, Touchdown. I like his simple look, and he was an excellent use of some larger fodder.

Head: Playmakers Peyton Manning
Torso, Arms, and Upper Legs: 50th Bazooka
Lower Legs: Renegades Roadblock

Toymax M P.A.C.T. Crimson Eye by bucky

I had stumbled across the picture of this guy, saved it, figured out his name and made him. While doing the write ups, I dug a bit deeper and found out this blurb: "This 8 man team was assembled to maintain world peace, and more importantly, stop the catastrophic activities of the world's most menacing criminals - Shatter Force. Since each member is a top crime fighting specialist and technical expert, the world can rest easy when Global Force arrives on the scene of any would-be disaster!"
I'd assumed he was a bad guy, and a member of Shatter Force. However, it turns out he's a good guy from England.

Low Light head
30th Viper Body
MTF harness

American Defense Sky Fighter by Oreobuilder

"Drops from above with the fury of streak of lightning and rolling thunder!''
Sky Fighter was one of the original 8 American Defense figures. Numbered AD-6, he was the paratrooper or pilot on the team. The parts recipe for him was straight forward. The Retaliation Data Viper body is perfect to make customs of pilots, so I used it as is. To create the breathing unit, I turned to PTE’s Navy SEAL re-breather. I removed the hoses and made a hole on the front to plug in the mask. All in all, it was a simple custom, but I’m quite happy with the result.

Head: Retaliation Kwinn
Torso, arms, legs: Retaliation Data Viper
Helmet, mask: 50th Blowtorch
Breathing Unit: PTE (modified)

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