Thursday, 15 March 2018

#995 - Sparks and #996 - Greenshirts

Sparks made only a handful of appearances in the Sunbow cartoon (a total of 4, I believe), never got a vintage ARAH figure and never got a modern era figure and yet he is a character that most GI Joe fans know. I had forgotten about him until I re-watched the original mini-series. Since then, I have wanted to make a good custom of the character. I have made a couple of versions prior to this one, however, they all suffered from some flaws (lack of the right parts mostly) and have all ended up dismantled. With this custom, I hope to make my definitive version.

Head, torso: 50th Falcon
Arms: 25th Cobra Flint
Legs: RoC Zartan
Helmet, head gear, Marauder MTF
Backpack: Vintage Battle Pack Lifeline
Web gear: DG Snake Eyes

#996 – GI Joe Trooper (Sunbow)

When I was a kid, I had only a handful of GI joe comics. For me, GI Joe was about the toys and the Sunbow cartoon. The Green Shirt troopers were ubiquitous on the show and so GI Joe having generic soldiers to swell their ranks was a perfectly normal thing to me growing up. It wasn't until I read the entire original comic series as an adult that I realized that Green Shirts were not in every version of the story.

The 25th Green Shirts were a valiant effort at the time, but I find them lacking now. Pretty much every part of them has a better sculpted and articulated counterpart now. For my custom, the only thing that I kept from the original figures is the web gear. However, I wanted them to look like the cartoon, so I avoided parts that had too much detail, pouches and armor.

Head: DG Duke
Torso. Legs: ROC Pit Commando
Upper arms: 25th Rock & Roll
Lower arms: Roc Zartan


  1. I never like nitpicking a customs genius, but the webgear's off on Sparks. Something like the Resolute webgear might be closer to the look from the tan shirt picture. I know there's something closer out there, but I don't know exactly what it is.

    1. No worries, feedback is always good :) I looked at several different webgear including the Resolute one. This is what I found to be the closest for now. However, with all the options coming down the pipe like MTF and others, I always keep an eye open if I can improve a custom. Thanks!


  2. I love your Green Shirts! I wish these were available as 2 packs! They'd be worth it even if just for nostalgia.

    Sparks is a cool modern take on the character.