Tuesday, 6 March 2018

#991 - Cover Girl

I still remember Christmas of 1983. Santa brought me a ton of new Joes that year including the Wolverine and Cover Girl. I played quite a bit with the Wolverine. However, Cover Girl was never a favorite of mine. She did not show up in the comics or the cartoon very often, so I did not get attached to her character. She got relegated to base duty, often manning the computer console at the HQ. I basically used her as filler.

As an adult, I came to better appreciate the character, so I thought it was time for her to get an ultimate version.

Head, hands: Marauder MTF
Torso, lower legs: ROC Cover Girl
Upper arms: 50th Shooter
Lower arms: ROC Scarlett
Upper legs: ROC Helix

1 comment:

  1. Late to comment on this one. I much prefer the short-haired Cover Girl to the long-haired version. It's more practical for her grease-monkey job (though long hair may work for covert ops on the cocktail circuit). My one issue is the pipe wrench. That seems better suited for a plumber than a mechanic. A torque wrench or small sledge might be a better accessory.