Monday, 26 March 2018

#1000 Short-Fuze

Well, this is it, my 1000th custom. It may not look like much, but since Short-Fuze was my first Joe figure that I got as a kid, I thought it would be an appropriate choice.

My first GI Joe figure was straight-arm Short-Fuze. I still remember buying him at Zayre’s department store in May 1983. My mother and grandmother brought my sister and I on a shopping trip across the border in the US. I was 6 at the time. We had spent the day going in and out of various stores and I remember buying (More accurately, my grandmother probably bought for me) some green army men figures and vehicles. Our visit to Zayre’s was our last stop before heading home. When I walked into the toy aisle, I remember vividly a complete end-cap filled with GI Joe figures. All the original 1982 line was there: Stalker, Grunt, Flash, Zap, etc. I spent what seemed like an eternity searching through the pegs to see all the figures. Since we needed to leave, I picked Short-Fuze since he had a visor and what seemed like a cool accessory and we were off.

Over the next few days, Short-Fuze got a lot of play. He fought against Darth Vader and the evil Empire. He drove the Adventure People’s Rescue Truck and Helicopter. He became friends with Luke Skywalker (before and unfortunate accident deprived Luke of his head). Fortunately, that Fall, I received some cash for my birthday and I was determined to add some more GI Joes to my collection. Lots more Joes followed and the rest is history.

The 25th anniversary version was lackluster in my opinion. It was fine for the time, but can be improved upon now. For my custom, I used his toy look as a reference for my custom rather than giving him his glasses like the comic. I have no memories of him from the comic. For me, Short-Fuze does not wear glasses simply because that is how I knew him growing up.

Torso: Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Head, arms, legs, web gear: DG Duke
Weapon: Vintage Short-Fuze
Helmet, visor: Vintage Battle Gear
Backpack: POC Steel Brigade
Collar: POC Steel Brigade

The next few reveals will be the rest of my updated Original 13.

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