Saturday, 24 February 2018

Project No Joe Day 6: American Defense

''American Defense... the very name strikes terror into the hearts of the enemies of freedom! American Defense... the elite secret troop of specialized fighters in Defense of Freedom! American Defense... headed by the Super Eight Attack Squad... America's best Defense!'' - Taken from back of 1986 packaging.

American Defense was a line of 3 ¾’’ military toys sold exclusively at Kmart in the eighties. The line started with Galoob’s A-Team molds and Remco grew it from there. It was later produced by different companies and ended up in dollar stores and discount outlets. Similar to GI Joe, it included a wide variety of colorful characters. However, without a cartoon, comic or any marketing to back it up, the line rode GI Joe’s coattails for a while and then disappeared.

American Defense Captain Impermeable by bucky

Captain Impermeable is a Remco US Forces figure, released around 86-87.
One of my last minute additions to the project, Captain Impermeable (what a name) came about only because I stumbled upon the headgear in a fodder box. I looked at it for a bit, and realized it would make a great update. a couple coats of spraypaint later, and the Captain was born.

TRU military line helmet
Data Viper

American Defense Captain Combat by Hypno Hustler

Very obviously inspired by Gung-Ho, Captain Combat was part of the American Defense line. He was a fun figure to put together. The chain belt is just a fun piece. While squinting at pictures of the original figure online to paint the chest tattoo, I realized he had something on his arms too. After comparing the card art and various pictures, I realized he had a heart tattoo on his bicep. Honestly I'm surprised Hasbro never had a character with one, its such a classic tattoo design, but finding out Captain Combat had one definitely made me like him more.

Head, Torso: Marvel Universe Drax
Upper Arms: 25th Nemesis Enforcer
Lower Arms: Marvel Universe X-Force Wolverine
Legs: RoC Snake-Eyes

American Defense Frogman by Oreobuilder

The diver was a super simple custom to make. I had a spare AOCI Wetsuit. Since the colors are so close, I started there. Even though he is completely painted, he remains completely poseable.

Head: 50th Dusty
Torso, arms, legs: 25th Wetsuit
Mask, backpack, fins: 25th Torpedo

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