Thursday, 22 February 2018

Project No Joe Day 4: Bronze Bombers

''Fearlessly, the mighty U.S. 369th Infantry led the nation's greatest Black Army into battle. They fought in WWI and WWII and they never lost. There have been no warriors their equal until today! Today, we have the Bronze Bombers™! Today they defend the country against P.S.B. enemy squad. These highly skilled combatants stand for justice and they never lose!" – From 1988 card back

The Bronze Bombers was a short-lived toy line produced by Olmec. Two "waves" were produced. The first one, released in 1988, consisted of a dozen different figures and 2 small vehicles. The figures had similar molds to Galoob's A-Team figures from the early '80s and were of lesser quality. In 1997, Olmec acquired several GI Joe molds from Hasbro and produced a 12 figure boxset consisting of recolored vehicle drivers like Motor-Viper, Skidmark, Darklon and Strato-Viper. A year later, Olmec filled for bankrupcy and Bronze Bombers line disappeared.

Bronze Bombers Firebomb by DanoftheDead

This was a nightmare. I spent so much time splicing the DC torso to a Joe body to retain articulation, and then the hoses and rest of the build made a lot of that pointless. I tore this guy up trying to make it all work, then struggled with the primer and orange paint job. I had such high hopes for him, but he just didn't come out as clean as I'd have like.

DC Multiverse Mr. Freeze - Upper Armor
Hazard Viper - Waist, Legs, Arms
Secto-Viper - Head
Techno-Viper - Canister Backpack
MU Colossus - Feet
Iron-Man - Hands
Flame Throwers - The Force Awakens/Captain America The First Avenger, LEGO hoses

Bronze Bombers Cool Breeze by Oreobuilder

The 1988 line generally included figures that were a bit more generic (that had less flair) than the 1997 ones, but there were a couple of exceptions. One of these was Cool Breeze. Labelled as an enemy of the Bronze Bombers, Cool Breeze was clad in a stark white retro-space uniform and helmet. This is what inspired me to make this custom. I used mostly 25th parts that were already white to convey the retro feel of the figure and cut down on painting.

Torso: 25th Shipwreck
Arms: ROC Storm Shadow
Upper legs: 25th Storm Shadow
Lower legs: 25th Red Star
Helmet: ROC Accelerator Suit Duke

Shortburst by Oreobuilder

For this project, I looked at all the figures in the pack as candidates for customs. I made Roughshot for Custom Celebration 2017, so I figured that I would keep going. Eventually, I want to make all twelve figures from the pack. For Shortburst, I used the same parts recipe as for Roughshot since the originals were both repaints of Strato-Viper. I added some bronze accents that were not on the original figure. These accents are included in all my current and future Bronze Bombers customs as a way of tying them all together.

Head: Star Wars Finn
Everything else: ROC Air Viper

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