Friday, 11 August 2017

Adventure People Frogman and Construction Workers Playset

The Adventure People Frogman was one of the later figures released in the original line. It did not include any accessories and was repaint of other diver figures. When picking parts, I wanted to avoid simply repainting a 25th Torpedo, so I changed things up with a different torso and arms. After that, I wanted to add some proper accessories. Now, I'm one figure closer to a complete modern Adventure People collection.

Head: 25th Torpedo
Torso: PoC Shock Trooper
Lower arms: RoC Duke
Upper legs: 25th Cobra Commander
Upper arms, lower legs: 25th Cobra Diver

In 2016, I made a bunch of customized Adventure People figures. Among them were Barney and Frank, the Construction workers. When I posted them, someone commented that I should make them their scaffolding to complete the original set. It took a little while to get back to this, but an online Playmobil sale allowed me to pick up a perfect scaffold to use with them. I painted the boards yellow to match the original toy and found Frank and Barney some accessories. Now, they are ready to get building.

Scaffolding: Playmobil repainted
Accessories: Various Playmobil and other lines




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    1. Thanks! There is a LOT more customs coming before the end of the year. Stay tuned :)


    2. I always do brother!! Cant wait to see what youre cooking up