Saturday, 8 July 2017

GI Joe Redemption Day 8: The Weapons

Day 8 The Weapons
Attendee Vehicle - GI Joe Sparrowhawk by Oreobuilder w. Raven by DanoftheDead

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
I have had the idea, recipe and parts for this vehicle set aside since Resurgence 3. The Sparrowhawk a vehicle that did not make it into that project for lack of time (we also ended up with a lot of customs - well over 100 - for Resurgence 3, so there was no rush to finish it). When we needed an "Attendee Vehicle" for Redemption, I assembled the parts, made the necessary modifications and finished it up.

Chassis, rear assembly: POC Ghost Hawk
Engines, canopy, skids, missiles: 50th Skyhawk
Propeller, side wings: Wal-Mart knock-off military helicopter

Raven by DanoftheDead

From the desk of DanoftheDead:
Another character from the cartoon that seemed like perfect fit for the team. I thought the Pirates Angelica head worked pretty well from the character, and the Black Widow body was a great starting base. We were torn on if we should leave her in the STRATO-VIPER red, or paint her to match the in the team’s green color. I did a quick photoshop color swap and decide it was worth it to repaint her, though I may make a classic red version for my collection at some point.

Strato-Viper - Helmet, Chestpiece, Hands, Boots
Black Widow - Base Figure
Angelica - Head

Medium Vehicle - Skull Raider w. Lt Clay Moore by Oreobuilder

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
We wanted to include an enemy vehicle in our project. The VAMP/Stinger felt like a no-brainer since Major Bludd would have access to Cobra’s motor pool to arm his forces. I wanted to make it intimidating, so I gave it a heavy weapon, a platform for the gunner, an armored windshield, a crash bar and a Skull Squad color scheme.

Base: 50th VAMP
Crash Bar, windshield: Playmobil
Weapon, rear platform: 50th AWE Striker

Lt Clay Moore by Oreobuilder

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
I see our Resurgence universe as a great way of not only introducing new characters, but also bringing back more obscure existing ones as well. While we were brainstorming which characters to include in the project, Lt Clay Moore, from the Sunbow ''The Traitor'' 2-part episode, came up. We went back and forth on whether to include him with the Joes or with Major Bludd’s team. He was so loyal to Cobra Commander in the show that we figured he would never work with the Joes. For the custom, I stuck close to the Club’s recipe (from Tanks for the Memories), but changed the colors to reflect his new allegiance.

Head: RoC Heavy Duty
Torso, upper arms: RoC Neo Viper
Lower arms, lower legs: Retaliation Alley Viper
Upper legs: 25th HISS Driver
Straps: 25th Duke + RoC Snake Eyes
Helmet: Resolute Cobra Trooper

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  1. Always thought a rotor blade on a skyhawk would look good.....this proves it!!

    1. Thanks man! I was not sure at first, but adding the wings, removing the thrusters and making a few other small changes helps make it separate from the Skyhawk I think.