Friday, 7 July 2017

GI Joe Redemption Day 7 - The Special Forces

Day 7: GI Joe Special Forces Convention 3-Pack

Wreckage by bucky

From the desk of bucky:
Making a figure like Wreckage is fun because outside of a few stying cues, you get free reign to make whatever you like. I decided to add the com piece to separate him a bit from the firefly/Beach Head type look.

Head: Beach Head
Torso: Danger from the Docks Flint
Legs: %0th Dusty, pouches added
Gear: Comm Piece from VvV figure., Firefly webgear

Sabre Tooth by bucky

From the desk of bucky:
This is the second time I've made this character using this body. I sent the original off to a friend, so making another has been on a to do list for a couple years now. I switched the color scheme up a bit from orange to a leather brown, and am very pleased with the way it all came out.

Head: Alley Viper
Body: Retaliation Trooper
Gear: 50th Snake eyes
Goggles: MTF

Grey Hound by bucky 

From the desk of bucky:
I wanted to create new character for the 3 pack, and the result is Grey Hound. I purposely chose parts that are easy to come by in the future, in the event I decide to make more versions of him. I wanted to go with a younger, more tech savvy, state of the art armored up Merc to join the ranks of unaffiliated Joe Mercenaries.

Head: Mtf
Gear: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Upper Arms: Poc Beach Head
Lower Arms: 50th Snake Eyes
Upper Torso: Steel Brigade
Lower Torso: 50th Low Light
Upper legs: 50th Low Light
Lower Legs: 50th IG

NEXT: The Weapons...


  1. I thought Wreckage had a file name--his 2003 card said "Dillon L. Moreno", with a birthplace of LA, CA.

    1. Good point. There may be explanation. If Wreckage if a mercenary, maybe he operates with several different aliases? Or the person code named Wreckage may be several different people? Or we missed that one when we proofread the filecards... it's one of those mysteries that we may never solve lol.