Sunday, 2 July 2017

GI Joe Redemption Day 2 - The Consultants

Day 2: The Consultants

Storm Shadow by DanoftheDead

From the desk of DanoftheDead:
When we were brainstorming characters for the project, STORM SHADOW seemed like a good fit due to his back and forth loyalties in the comics and filecard stories. I didn’t have a very solid idea for him other than “maybe in a white suit,” I just knew I wanted to make a version of him that wasn’t a Ninja look. The Rogue One head seemed like a nice match for a STORM SHADOW who is a little bit older, and once I test fit that one a suit body I really thought I had something going.

Cherriut Imwe - Head
Shipwreck - Torso
Cobra Commander - Legs
Ace- Arms
Pops Racer - Jacket
Marauder’s - Tactical Tablet

Dusty by DanoftheDead

From the desk of DanoftheDead:
I didn’t know about Dusty’s past as a COBRA until the new sculpt era release of the figure that came with a CD with those episodes of the cartoon on it. My brother got it for my birthday, knowing Dusty had been my favorite as a kid. I really like the idea that even though it was an undercover operation, it all still weighs pretty heavy on Dusty’s conscious. He always seemed like one of the nicest guys, and the Joes just HATE him in those episodes because they think he’s gone traitor. I toyed with a lot of ideas for a more civilian look for him, and I’m a little bummed I didn’t find a way to get a Greendale Air Conditioning Repair School t-shirt into this design, but I was pretty happy with the look I did come up with.

Steve Rogers - Head, Gloves, Belt
Recondo - Torso, Arms
Airtight - Vest
Tunnel Rat - Legs
Wild Bill - Buckle
Army of Darkness Ash - Shotgun, Holster
Lowlight - Satellite Phone

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