Monday, 20 March 2017

Spy Troops & Valor vs Venom Heavy Duty

I have a special two-for-one today.

I have wanted to make a new sculpt version of Heavy Duty since bucky and I worked on Project New Sculpt in 2014. I have been waiting for the right head to come along. In 2016, with the release of the Heavy Duty/ Stiletto 2-pack, the right parts came along. I quickly assembled a WIP. However, I could not decide which color scheme I liked best. I decided to try to make two different versions and fortunately I had all the necessary parts to make that happen. I settled on the Spy Troops and the Valor vs Venom versions.

Head, lower arms: 50th Heavy Duty
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation Roadblock
Legs: 25th Copperhead
Gauntlets: PoC Firefly
Backpack: RoC Arctic Snake Eyes