Monday, 6 March 2017

Gi Joe Resurgence Netflix Series Fancast

About two years ago, a fan of our GI Joe Resurgence project - FlixMentallo21 - contacted me. He wanted to "fancast" a cartoon based on the customs project that bucky, Dusty79 and I started in 2014. I had no idea that fancasting is actually a thing, but we agreed to go with it. Last week, he sent the link of what he had been working on.

Holy moly, it blew us all away. The time, energy and passion that he put into this project easily matches up with anything I post here and what most customizers do. In many ways, this is another method of customizing. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here is what he created:



  1. Thanks for the kind words! Did any of you have a favorite or two among the cast?

    1. I have a few. I'm a big fan of Michael Rosenbaum and his voice work as Flash on Justice League and JL Unlimited, so he works perfectly for Throttle. Lacey Chabert as First Aid is perfect. But I stood up and took notice at Hank Azaria in the role of Cobra Commander. It took me a few minutes, but now I would really like if they actually cast him in that role for the next cartoon series (Whenever it happens).


    2. Glad you think so--I bet you liked having Rosenbaum as Switch as well, considering the character's based on you.