Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Retro Toy Chest Day 9 - Transformers

''It is a world transformed where things are not what they seem. It is the world of the Transformers... A world of heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons'' – From 1984 marketing materials

Taking a page from their successful relaunch of GI Joe two years earlier, Hasbro launched The Transformers in 1984 as a toy line, animated TV show and comic all at once. Since then, the brand has seen its ups and downs and many re-inventions but has become a powerhouse in toy aisles.

Huffer by Dusty79

The G1 minibots were really great toys. They were very affordable, so both me and my friends all had quite a few of them. Huffer was my absolute favorite minibot. I think the episode where he pulled Prime's trailer sealed the deal for me that he was the best. My childhood Huffer now belongs to my 6 years old son. I have made quite a few Transformer crossover vehicles and this one is already one of my favorites.

Base vehicle: Bruder Truck
Added parts: Stacks are made from PVC pipe fittings and aluminum tubes from push in solar powered yard lights. There are some Rattler engine parts in the trailer link up.

Gears by Dusty79

Gears is another great character and his G1 toy was fantastic. I still have mine from when I was a kid and my youngest son will one day inherit it. This is an attempt to pay tribute to Gears in Joe scale. As he had no specific make and model in his G1 version, I attempted to get the general feel of his alt mode. The Hummer was nice because after modifications it has ample seating room and I did sacrifice an SDCC Jetfire booster to the customizing gods on this one. Nothing is safe in my work area.

Base vehicle: 1/18th diecast Hummer pickup
Added parts: The back section is made from an SDCC Jetfire booster

Brawn by Dusty79

Brawn was yet another cool minibot. I have so many memories playing with these little vehicles. He was origionally a Toyota Land Cruiser making the Bruder Land Rover pretty much the perfect base vehicle which required little modification to get Brawn made into 1/18th scale.

Base vehicle: Bruder Land Rover
Added parts: 1/18th gas tank

Cliffjumper by Dusty79

Once we got rolling with these minibots I figured I may as well complete the year. It is hard to tell what make and model Cliffjumper originally was, supposedly a Porsche according to tfwiki, but I thought I would take some cues from later shows and update him a bit. I modified the interior to create more space and accept a figure.

Base vehicle:1/18 diecast Dodge Charger

Windcharger by Dusty79

Here is another modernization. Windcharger was a Pontiac Firebird, but this is the modernized version and the Firebird has gone the way of the Dodo. Once again I modified the interior to accept a figure. This one absolutely only works with a modern era female Joe because those Vettes are cramped. (Not that I would know, but based on this diecast they are.)

Base vehicle:1/18 diecast Chevy Corvette

Collect them all!

Pretenders Bumblebee by Oreobuilder

Transformers pretenders were released in 1988. The concept involved Autobots and Decepticons hidden inside organic "Synthoplasmic" shells. The inner robot could still transform. The outer shell was humanoid in appearance and could be used as a separate unit from the Transformer.

By 1988, I was no longer collecting Transformers, so I missed the Pretenders completely. I "discovered" them when I started collecting as an adult. In the line, among all the new characters, Hasbro released a few classic characters as Pretenders. That’s what I chose to explore in custom form. I thought it would be a fun opportunity to bring an iconic character – Bumblebee – into Joe form.

Body, arms, legs: Iron Man Drone
Head: McFarlane Halo Marine
Gun: KO vintage Devastator

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