Sunday, 11 December 2016

Desert Patrol Squad Part 5 - Outback, Dial-Tone and Pathfinder


I love flipping through Yojoe's Unproduced Archive and Joe Declassified looking for inspiration. A while back, I found out about 3 prototype figures that were painted in desert chocolate chip camoflage. Outback, Pathfinder and Dial-Tone were to be released with a repaint of the GI Joe HQ around 2000. Since their color pallets already worked with the Desert Patrol Squad's, I decided to adapt them and include them with the team.

Outback was a very straight forward recipe. I debated whether to make the red haired or the white haired version. I don't have a white haired version in my collection, so I went that route.

Head: 25th Outback
Torso, arms: Ret Colton
Hands: 25th Flint
Legs: Ret Ultimate Firefly
Weapon: RoC Pit Commando


I'm not sure about why a Jungle Warfare Specialist would be part of a desert squad. Maybe Stalker needed a SAW team member and Rock & Roll and Roadblock were on vacation or something.

Head: AVAC cast
Hat: 25th Recondo
Torso, arms: 25th Duke (Greatest Battles)
Hands: HACKS
Legs: DG Shipwreck
Belt: PoC Hawk
Weapon: Fodder lot


I used my "usual" recipe for Dial-Tone that was previously made for classic colors and Sonic Fighters. I changed the color scheme from the unproduced version to cut out some of the tan. I thought that he would look better with the green shirt like some of the other team members.

Head: 25th Airborne
Beret: MTF
Torso, arms, harness: Ret Firefly
Hands: PoC Shock Trooper
Legs: PoC Cobra Trooper
Backpack: vintage Dial-Tone
Weapon: VvV version of vintage Dial-Tone gun


  1. This set came out amazing! Any chance youll re-imagine some more TRU sets in the future?

    1. Thanks, Glad you have enjoyed! I will most likely continue the TRU 6-packs at some point. Aside from the DPS, I've done the Anti-Venom Squad, parts of the Imperial Procession, Cobra Ninja Strike Team and Cobra Urban Division. So, there is still a lot to do: Night Force, Arctic Operations, Crimson sets, Greenshirts, Python Patrol, etc.