Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Desert Patrol Squad Part 3 - Dusty and Syringe


I think we can all agree that creating a Desert Patrol Squad without Dusty would be useless. Unfortunately, the original set's version of the desert specialist was... bizarre. It consisted of Stretcher's head and Lowlight v2 body painted in a way that was not consistent with the sculpting. It made for a strange figure and one that had no traits in common with Dusty.

To fix this, I turned to Yojoe's Unproduced Archive and found a version of Dusty v3 with the same chocolate chip camouflage as the rest of the set. Apparently, this figure was meant to be released around 2000 with the other ARAH repaints we were getting at the time. I simply adapted the parts recipe as well as the color pallet and matched everything to the team and presto, a better Dusty for the squad.

Head: RoC Sgt Stone
Torso, arms: 50th Spirit
Legs: 50th Dusty (2x left lower leg with feet swapped accordingly)
Harness: 25th Snake Eyes
Weapon: Vintage Dusty


After I went in another direction with Dusty, I was left with a build for a figure that, although it did not work for Dusty, I did not hate. I debated whether to simply disassemble the figure and put it back in my fodder bins or try to salvage it. I decided to paint it up in squad colors and create a new character. I figured a medic would be useful, so I picked out appropriate accessories and called it good.

Head: Star Wars Rebel Trooper
Hat: MTF
Torso, arms, hands: 50th Beachhead
Upper legs: 25th Dusty
Lower legs: 25th Viper
Harness: Resolute Snake Eyes
Backpack: Vintage Lifeline
Belt: PoC Hawk
Stretcher, flare gun: Vintage Doc


  1. One of my favorite Dusty customs ever! Really did him justice

  2. Replies
    1. Nope, still 4 members to go :) I'll try to finish posting them in the next few days.