Sunday, 4 December 2016

Desert Patrol Squad Part 2 - Tunnel Rat and Gung Ho

Tunnel Rat
Tunnel Rat was one of the solid figures from the original 6-pack, so I stuck close to recipe for parts and colors. He is basically a repaint of most of the 25th figure. I swapped out the torso because I felt that the original was too skinny and cartoony (I also needed it for another custom).

Head, legs, scarf, holster, weapon: 25th Tunnel Rat
Torso, arms: 25th Shipwreck v2

Gung-Ho's recipe was tricky to nail down. He did not look right using 25th parts. When 50th Gung-Ho was released, it helped define the figure in a big body frame. It allowed me to rebuild him with bigger modern parts. That meant moving away from the original's jacket to a tank top, but I think it still works.

Head: DTC Guillotine
Torso, arms: Ret Roadblock
Hands: Ret Firefly
Legs: 50th Gung-Ho
Head band: 25th Hard Master
Bullet belt: Ret Kwinn
Weapon: Marauder


  1. I miss sets like these at TRU. I wish they had did sets like this and the troop builder sets in the 80s. Good stuff sir

    1. Thank you. Those sets were awesome for the most part. They had their flaws, but I enjoyed them when they were available at retail and still have some of them. I also wish they would bring back similar sets now.