Sunday, 20 November 2016

DTC Major Bludd

I remember a neighbor friend of mine had the original 1983 Major Bludd when we were kids and I was not overly impressed with it (Of course he lit his up with a lighter and his dad ran over it with the car, so it was in pretty bad shape), so I never bugged my parents to get one for me. After that, I rediscovered Joes around 2005, so DTC Major Bludd was my first version of the good major. I made an ME custom loosely based on this version a few years ago, but was never really happy with it. After I found a good recipe for Blackout, the Major was a definite re-do.

Head, helmet, cowl, gun: DTC Major Bludd
Torso, upper arms: 50th Hawk
Lower arms: Marauder Task Force
Legs: 25th Beachhead


  1. I loved the OG Maj Bludd. I anxiously awaited his arrival via mail after sending in flag points when he debuted. Never had the DTC version but this is damn good

    1. Thank you sir. Those old mail away offers were great. Waiting 6-8 weeks felt like forever when we were kids!


  2. Man you arent kidding! 6-8wks might as well been a year to an 8-9 yr old me!