Monday, 31 October 2016

1997 Gung Ho and Lady Jaye

1997 brought GI Joe back to store shelves after a two year hiatus. The new line included several repaints of classic figures. Gung-Ho was released in a new color scheme as the driver for the Slugger. I have been on a 1997 remake kick lately and started looking at Gung-Ho. I wasn’t sure about his color scheme at first. The original’s mix of brown and baby blue seemed strange, but I dove in anyway. I kept the blue trim on the vest and pretty much eliminated the rest. Also, it’s subtle, but the brown on brown camo pattern came out pretty cool. I’ll probably use that technique again.

All: 50th Gung Ho

After making customs of 1997 Gung-Ho, concept colors Cobra Commander as well as the Star and Stripes Forever set, I decided to look at the 1997 line-up again from a customs perspective. I found several figures that interested me. For Lady Jaye, I kept the original’s black uniform, but changed the camouflage scheme from simple light colored airbrushed spots, to a darker, subtler gray pattern. She is now a member of my growing 1997 roster.

Head, torso, arms, weapon: 50th Lady Jaye
Legs: Roc Elite Viper


  1. Never cease to amaze...these are really awesome. That Lady Jaye just looks so good in those colors