Monday, 31 October 2016

1997 Gung Ho and Lady Jaye

1997 brought GI Joe back to store shelves after a two year hiatus. The new line included several repaints of classic figures. Gung-Ho was released in a new color scheme as the driver for the Slugger. I have been on a 1997 remake kick lately and started looking at Gung-Ho. I wasn’t sure about his color scheme at first. The original’s mix of brown and baby blue seemed strange, but I dove in anyway. I kept the blue trim on the vest and pretty much eliminated the rest. Also, it’s subtle, but the brown on brown camo pattern came out pretty cool. I’ll probably use that technique again.

All: 50th Gung Ho

After making customs of 1997 Gung-Ho, concept colors Cobra Commander as well as the Star and Stripes Forever set, I decided to look at the 1997 line-up again from a customs perspective. I found several figures that interested me. For Lady Jaye, I kept the original’s black uniform, but changed the camouflage scheme from simple light colored airbrushed spots, to a darker, subtler gray pattern. She is now a member of my growing 1997 roster.

Head, torso, arms, weapon: 50th Lady Jaye
Legs: Roc Elite Viper

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

DTC Barrel Roll

In many ways, the DTC line incorporated the best elements of sculpting, articulation and figure construction from previous New Sculpt lines and produced several solid figures. DTC Barrel Roll is a great example of this. He had no visible rivets on his arms, his hands could swivel and he had a functional holster. I started collecting after Spytroops, so my first Barrel Roll figure was the DTC version. This custom represents his look in my mind even though his blue version is more iconic.

Head: DTC Grand Slam
Helmet, gun: DTC Barrel Roll
Torso, arms: PoC Shock Trooper
Vest: DG Snake Eyes
Legs: Resolute Duke
Flight pack: RoC Hawk

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Valor vs Venom Recondo and Double Clutch

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. With the arrival of Fall, there is a bunch of stuff to do around the house, so I have not had time to continue posting my finished customs. These two have been done for a few weeks.

Recondo originally started out as a part of PHX Customs Resurgence 3. I was looking for a jungle specialist to include in the project and thought that this version of Recondo could fit the bill. Through parts swaps and changes in the project, the figure morphed into a whole new character and became Underbrush. However, I still had a partial Recondo WIP on my desk, so I decided to put it back on my slate. I kept the original legs, but almost everything else about the figure was changed.

Head: PoC Recondo
Torso, upper arms: 50th Hit & Run
Lower arms: PoC Hawk
Legs: Resolute Snake Eyes

Double Clutch (from the Valor vs Venom line) was originally a repaint of Spytroops Recondo. Both were included as vehicles drivers of different versions of the Desert Coyote, so once I found a good recipe for VvV Recondo, I adapted it for Double Clutch. Since this custom, as well as the original figure it is based on do not fit the way I imagine Clutch, I decided to rename him Pit Bull. This comes from the prototype name for the Desert Coyote in 2003.

Head: RoC Zartan
Torso, upper arms: 50th Hit & Run
Lower arms: PoC Hawk
Legs: Resolute Snake Eyes



Thursday, 6 October 2016

DTC Guillotine

I got back into collecting Joes at the tail end of Valor vs Venom. As such, I consider the DTC line as a bit nostalgic for me. It includes a few new characters that have stuck with me. Guillotine is one of them. The Steel Brigade from that pack still rank among my favorite figures (wonky proportions and all). Since I troop built them, I ended up with a few Guillotines and I’m glad I did. The Plague was one of the great ideas that came out of that era. I started with Guillotine, but eventually, the other Plague Troopers are on my (very long) To-Do list as well.

Head, torso, arms: 50th Bazooka
Legs: Retaliation Roadblock
Backpack, mask, sword, gun: DTC Guillotine



Sunday, 2 October 2016

Z-Force and SAS Team Pictures

Here are pics of my Action Force teams to date. I still have other members in the WIP pile, but I figured that it would be fun to see where I'm at, so here we go.

From left to right: Scout (Minesweeper), Infantryman, Breaker (Radio Operator), Gaucho, 2 Para, Doc (Medic), Steeler, Tracker (Sapper)

From left to right: Stalker, Blades, Beaver, Hunter (needs updating)



Saturday, 1 October 2016

Action Force Beaver (SAS)

This is my 2nd version of Beaver. My first version was an LBC and I never liked the life vest. Fortunately, the theme for the last Custom Celebration (2016) was Action Man/Action Force and Hypnohustler made a great custom using Airtight’s vest modified into a life vest. That inspired me to update my own custom.

Head: DTC Steel brigade
Torso, arms: Retaliation Firefly
Legs: RoC Snake Eyes
Life vest: 30th Airtight modified