Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Action Force Gaucho

This custom has been done by several customizers already and the Club is releasing their own, but I wanted one to add to my Action Force ranks.

Gaucho acted as the Z-Force mechanic and was included in the Action Force HQ. My version is a straight forward re-do of the original. 50th Gung-Ho is an awesome figure so repainting it from head to toe with no mods was fine. I darkened the skin tone a bit to reflect Gaucho’s Mexican roots and removed the tattoo to make him different from Gung-Ho.




  1. I love that you got rid of the USMC logo off the chest. Ive seen alot of Gaucho customs that look good but with the tat, it reminds me of Gung Ho with a orange shirt. Nicely done

    1. I know what you mean. The tattoo never made any sense to me either.