Monday, 1 August 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Behind the Scenes

Day 32: Wips and behind the scenes.

Cobra naval forces- Kraken by bucky, Sea Slug by OB

Oreobuilder's SK Omega Team so far

Some shots of the almost finished Centurion by OB. It was missing its GI Joe logos at this point.

Three Resurgence ''generations'' from Oreobuilder. From left to right: the Centurion from Resurgence 3, the Crusher from Resurgence 1 (2014) and the Cougar IFV from Resurgence 2 (2015).

A skin color test on Bone S.A.W. from R2:

An interesting picture here, the initial builds for Upshot, Neat Freak, Cobra Commander and more. All from R2.

Hey guys, what do you think of Eagle Eye v2?

All of Bucky's figures from R1, the day they got a dullcoat bath.

An action shot for the Operation Waterfront storyline that Raptor wrote for R2. Sam would take these shots and then paint them for the "storybook" presentation.

Broadside isn't all that thrilled with the SWARM tech Glitch glued to his face.

Random Wips from part 2. You can see Swift and Cobra Commander here. They didn't make the cut for 2, and were inserted into 3.

Here are a few of Dusty79's vehicle builds. Starting with a WIP of the Cobra Spaceship (it did not have a name at this point).

Secondly, the first draft of the GI Joe Thunderstriker

The Dreadnok Swamp Boat with a scrapped version of Pin-Up in the driver's seat

And lastly, the GI Joe Swampmasher with Pigsty.

The next two are early builds for the Cobra Sea Slug and Mastermind. Once we assemble our figures or vehicles, we send each other WIP pictures to receive critiques or advise or simply to show proof of concept. Feedback and communication is crucial to these large projects.

The next three pictures are of Cobra Mountain at various stages. Since it was originally planned for Resurgence 2 (in 2015) and then pushed to R3 this year, the Mountain went through several ideas and revisions before it even got started. In the last pic, one of Mindbender's experiments got out of control and actually wrecked the first mountain prototype.

Resurgence 3 was easily the most ambitious of the three installments. This is a shot taken when most of Oreobuilder's stuff was piling up.

Some fan requested pics:
First Aid (2014) with Patch (2016)

Hailstorm (2016) with Big Ben (inspired by the 1998 Arctic 2-pack)

Here are better views of the accessory packs that were only seen in the catalog.

Accessory Packs by Oreobuilder
“GI Joe is ready for any mission with these all new BATTLE GEAR ACCESSORY PACKS! Infiltrate COBRA MOUNTAIN with the gear included in STEALTH OPS. Rescue wounded team members with RESCUE OPS. Storm COBRA’s lunar base using gear from SPACE OPS. Battle the ENEMY on land, sea and air with the gear included in SEAL OPS. ”

Stealth Ops

Rescue Ops
Space Ops


... and the packaging and art that Sam created for them

Lastly, organization and planning are vital to keeping track of such a large scale project. To do this, we built and updated an ''Order of Battle''. It would be updated as often as it needed to be (on average about 2-3 times per week) and be accessible by all our members and contributors. It allows all of us to quickly see the status of any given custom.

A great big thanks to the people that over the last three years helped us come up with a cohesive storyline, and write filecards. Thomas Wheeler, Charles Cushman(Raptor at Joecustoms), Justin Bell from, Billy Carr, Sam Panico....
They added the flavor to the characters, and came up with personalities. Sometimes we gave them a direction, sometime only a name. Thanks for playing in the Toybox with us.

Charles Cushman really helped push the storyline aspect for the project in part 2, taking the SWARM concept and the g.i.t. metal story and fleshing all of that out, that was all him. We took the foundation he built, and with some input from Justin fleshed out part 3. Thank you guys for that, I think all of us have ideas in our head but you were able to articulate them into a story.

Joe Harris and Chad Ghost killed it on part 1 when I inquired about catalogs. Danofthedead asked to make them for part 2, and by part 3 was working right alongside the team as a full fledged teammate. I am NOT kidding when I tell you that I have people comment on those catalogs throughout the last couple of years whenever I am at a Con and talk to other Joe fans about the project. They are everybody's favorites, and still get "likes" on Facebook to this day when someone discovers them.

And, of course, thanks to all who took the time to look, comment and enjoy this project. We really are honored to be part of your daily July routine.

- The PHX gang