Thursday, 7 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Traverse and Polar Patrol Mission Set

Traverse by Dusty79

Packaging by Sam Panico

I wanted to contribute to the arctic battle in the project and this is what I came up with as a new character for the Joe team. I wanted the character to have lots of personality and have that edge that so many of my favorites from childhood had. Hopefully I was successful.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head:Retaliation Joe Trooper
Torso:ROC Ice Storm
Arms:Retaliation Lift Ticket
Legs:50th Snow Job
Backpack and snowboard modified from GIJCC Iceberg
Helmet modified from Retaliation Ultimate Flint

Mission Set: Polar Patrol by Oreobuilder
"GI JOE protects its arctic stronghold from incoming COBRA bombers with the Anti-Aircraft Battery! Twin cannons swivel and elevate to take down enemy aircraft! Includes 2 GI JOE ARCTIC TROOPERS!"

Packaging by Sam Panico

As a kid, I was more of a Sunbow fan. I only had a few of the early comics and did not read the whole Marvel run until I was an adult. As such, I always liked the Greenshirts in the Sunbow cartoon. Even now, I can reconcile the fact that a covert spec ops team has a support structure that they can call on when they need extra manpower be it infantry, pilots, techs or administrative staff.

I based these customs, very loosely, on Spytroops Frostbite and Reservist. The original figures weren’t great because of the T-crotch, but I liked the color scheme and some of the sculpted details, so I borrowed some ideas.

I bought a Chap Mei boat (the one similar to the Cobra Moray) a while ago. It has been sitting in my spare vehicles pile since then. However, mounted on the back of the boat was a pretty neat cannon. I knew it just needed some modding to make it more GI Joe. I went back and forth on whether to make it an auto-gun versus keeping the seat for the figure. I decided to keep the seat as a homage to the vintage FLAK.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Captain America
Torso, upper arms, upper legs: Data Viper
Lower arms: 50th Lowlight
Lower legs: PoC Steel Brigade
Harness: Marauder Task Force
Helmet: 25th Bazooka
Goggles: PoC Dusty

All: Chap Mei ‘’FLAK’’; cannons replaced with PTE grenade launchers

Next: Cutter from bucky and Barracuda from Oreobuilder


  1. I see a bit of Blizzard influence in the Arctic Greenshirts design as well.

    1. I did not see it until you mentioned it, but I agree, especially with all their gear.