Friday, 29 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Rolling Thunder with Lightning Scout

GI Joe Rolling Thunder by Dusty79
"The ROLLING THUNDER is a roving arsenal of GI JOE power! This quad-tracked vehicle bristles with weapons! Features an opening canopy, scout vehicle, twin tactical missiles on a pivoting launch apparatus, mini-guns, machine guns and the high velocity central rail cannon. Includes driver LONG-RANGE and scout CRASH COURSE!"

Packaging by Sam Panico

I have had the idea for a dual tracked piece of armor for a while now. Originally, this vehicle was mocked up using a Retaliation HISS tank body and was meant to be a Cobra tank for Resurgence 2. I ended up scrapping it to make the HISS Mk IV. One day during the long build process for my Resurgence 3 ideas, I decided to see what I could do with the Sigma Six Dragon Hawk and it seemed to be pretty neat. I worked out some armaments and it kind of fell into place. The scout vehicle does not fit inside like the original Rolling Thunder, but it still adds play value. Bucky helped me out with a driver for the scout vehicle as I was pretty well buried in a long custom queue and he came up with a great character and figure.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Long Range:
Head, torso, arms: HACKS
Vest: PoC Firefly
Legs: PoC Shock Trooper
Helmet: Ret Eaglehawk

Rolling Thunder:
Sigma Six Dragon Hawk
POC HISS treads x 2
Original Rolling Thunder missiles
Halo guns
Halo Gauss canon with Rolling Thunder gun barrel added
Halo Warthog missile upgrade apparatus

Scout Vehicle:
Die cast Halo Warthog
POC Steel Marauder

Crash Course by bucky
Dusty79 decided to wow us and build a giant Joe vehicle in the tradition of ARAH greats such as the ThunderClap and Rolling Thunder. It was large enough that it was going to need two operators, and I volunteered to make the secondary driver, as you see here. Dusty built a vehicle for him to drive to go along with the massive one as well! I tried to go for an authentic ARAH inspired look and color scheme to Crash Course.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Marauder Task Force
Torso: Steel Brigade Delta
Arms: Steel Brigade Delta
Legs: Resolute Duke/Poc Hawk with add ons
Web gear: Marauder Task Force. bag from Star Wars figure

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  1. Wow--the Rolling Thunder's been on a diet! Nice construction!

    Small correction--Crash Course's legs are made up of the upper legs of Resolute Duke (and associated uses of the mold) and the lower legs of POC Hawk.

    1. Cool, good catch for the legs. I've updated the parts list.