Saturday, 9 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Ocean Abyss Kraken and Sea Ray II w. Sea Slug

Kraken by bucky

Packaging by Sam Panico

When the idea came for this figure, it was one of those ideas that hits you, and consumes your time. Once you have the idea in your head on what you want, you spend all night coming up with a recipe that works. The entire idea was built around that head. I wanted to use it, for something. I ruled out a space guy, and thought maybe a diver. A cobra diver. Then a named Cobra diver, with Hydro Viper colors. All of the sudden it's 1am in the morning. But I had a great time messing with this figure.

Filecard by Kilcarr

Head: PoC Firefly
Torso: Upper-Cobra Trooper, lower-25th Snake Eyes
Arms: Upper retaliation Snake Eyes, Lower Para Viper
Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes with spikes added
Web gear: Retaliation Zartan, Belt from Marvel figures and 25th Hard Master

Sea Ray II with Sea Slug by Oreobuilder
"An awesome underwater attack and reconnaissance craft! In battle mode, the wings slide open to fire two torpedoes! Features opening canopy and four torpedoes. Includes COBRA navigator SEA SLUG! (Other figures sold separately)."

Packaging by Sam Panico

The Valor vs Venom Sting Raider is a fun little vehicle. I wanted to see what it would look like in Sea Ray blue. The trickiest part was finding the right shade of grayish blue.

Sea Slug is one of those figures that I always thought was just plain weird looking. It was released in 1987 when I was getting out of Joes, so it flew under my radar as a kid. Initially, I was planning to build a Cobra undersea outpost and the Sea Slug was the figure that was going to be included with it. As the project progressed, the Outpost became the Sea Ray and the Sea Slug made even more sense. I based my custom on the vintage figure and I tried to replicate the color as best as I could.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Retaliation GI Joe Trooper
Helmet: AVAC Cast
Torso: PoC Shock Trooper
Upper arms: 25th Red Ninja
Lower arms, hands: 25th Zartan v2
Legs: 25th Snake Eyes (DVD Pack)

Sea Ray all: RoC Mantis Attack Craft

Next: Silent Master from Dusty79 and Rook from Oreobuilder

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