Sunday, 3 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Mojo Rysing and GI Joe Supply Depot

Mojo Rysing by bucky
Packaging by Sam Panico

My initial idea for the Swamp figure began with remembering the first time I heard of Zartan as a child, the "mysterious man from the swamp". Back before he became a jack of all trades-Bad Guy, Good Guy, Bad Guy, Ninja.... He was this mysterious guy from the swamps that worked for Cobra. I started a build based around that that premise, a figure's head, and one accessory, which was his lamp.

The rest came about from drawing from the WWE's Bray Wyatt, with the black shirt and vest over top of it. I used different greens to harken back to the original swamp skier and Sears set from the Dreadnoks. The skiff idea I kicked around for a bit, not sure if I wanted him to have one or not. I stumbled upon what I thought would make a great skiff at a comic book store. I went with my own Resurgence tradition of making a "deluxe" figure Dreadnok and painted up the skiff to go along with him.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head:Thor Figure
Torso: 50th Bazooka
Arms: 50th Bazooka
Legs: 50th Bazooka and Road Pig
Web gear: RoC Heavy duty

Mission Set: GI Joe Supply Dump by Oreobuilder
"Joe stockpiles ammunition and weapons at the GI JOE SUPPLY DUMP. The heavy machine gun repels Cobra’s assault and the fortifications protect GI Joe specialists while they prepare their counter-attack! Includes 2 GI JOE TROOPERS! Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

As a kid, I was more of a Sunbow fan. I only had a few of the early comics and did not read the whole Marvel run until I was an adult. As such, I always liked the Greenshirts in the Sunbow cartoon. Even now, I can reconcile the fact that a covert spec ops team has a support structure that they can call on when they need extra manpower be it infantry, pilots, techs and administrative staff. A few years ago, while re-watching The Revenge of Cobra, I noticed that the Greenshirts did not look like what I remembered. In fact, the ‘’jungle operations’’ Greenshirts only appeared a couple of times in that mini-series and disappeared after that. I based these customs on that appearance.

The Supply Dump ended up in the swamp/jungle environment, but it could have been used in several other settings (and almost did). When I was putting together the Mission Sets, I tried to match the right playset with the right environment and this is the last one I decided on. This set reminds me of a setting that would fit right in with Rambo or Predator, so with a little paint and some simple mods, it felt right at home in the swamp.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Trooper parts:
Head, torso, arms, legs: DG Duke
Torso, arms, helmet: 25th Airborne
Harness: 25th Greenshirts
Bandolier: PoC Steel Brigade

Supply Dump parts:
All: Chap Mei playset with added sand bags, Retaliation Roadblock M50
Weapon rack: Marauder
Ammo can: PTE

Next: Kangor from Dusty79 and Footloose from Oreobuilder

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