Sunday, 24 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Lunar Showdown Thunderstriker

GI Joe Thunderstriker by Dusty79
"This exo-atmospheric fighter will crush COBRA! Using sophisticated stealth technology, the Thunderstriker cannot be detected by radar as it attacks COBRA’s lunar base! Features advanced forward-swept wing design, retractable landing gear, air-to ground missiles, rocket boosters, dual vulcan canons, opening cockpit, and more! Includes pilot STRAFE."

Packaging by Sam Panico

An upgraded, exo-atmospheric version of the Skystriker has been on my mind for a long time. In the show they did it by putting a single rocket on the back between the vertical stabilizers, but I wanted it to be much more sophisticated than that. I was inspired by several pieces of concept art I saw online of not only a forward swept wing Skystriker, but also several forward swept wing Macross planes. With the boosters, this plane definitely has a Robotech feel and we thought that was just fine as we try to inspire nostalgic feelings. I chose to do a female pilot because it's always nice to see more variety in that aspect of GI Joe. Strafe is one of my favorite customs to date. I really like how she turned out.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Her body and web gear are a combination of various parts from Pilot Scarlett and GIJCC Marissa Faireborn
Head:Renegades Scarlett
Helmet: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Belt: 25th Croc Master

Body: RoC Sand Serpent
Wings: 30th Skystriker
Boosters: Exo-Squad Veritech Fighter
Guns: 3rd Party Transformers Optimus Prime weapon upgrade
Tailfins: Sigma 6 Dragon Hawk

Next: Mastermind from Oreobuilder

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