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GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Lunar Showdown Cobra Artemis with Glitch 3.0

Cobra Artemis Cannon by Dusty79
"COBRA COMMANDER’s ultimate weapon! ARTEMIS decimates GI JOE’s resistance to achieve total victory! Features gunner station, Helium-3 fuel cells, rotating turret, and realistic lights and sounds! Includes GLITCH 3.0! Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

In the planning stages of the project, we came up with the idea for a moon based super weapon and it stood to reason one of us would have to make that weapon. I had a WIP in a very primitive stage for a large gun sitting around that used a found item in the form of a large plastic protective shipping dome that came off a photography flash setup. I popped that onto the Halo energy station and it looked very promising. The Sonic Screwdriver made a nice barrell for the weapon and the control panel and fuel source were pieced together from my parts bins. It does actually rotate and my son will most likely be stealing it and making it his own.

Halo energy station
The Dome is a protective cover for shipping purposes on a piece of photography equipment
Control panel from the MASS Device
Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver
Radar dish off a Millenium Falcon toy
Plastic test tube filled with gel candle wax

Glitch 3.0 by DanOfTheDead

From the desk of DanOfTheDead: Glitch 3.0 with BUG (Bionic UpGrade Symbiote)

When Bucky approached me about contributing a figure to the third round of Resurgence, we bounced a few ideas around until I asked if anyone was working on a new version of Glitch, my personal favorite character from the first two years of the project, and he let me take a crack at it.

I eventually combined my plans for Glitch with an idea I had for a Joe themed DARPA Big Dog robot, and started trying all sorts of random part combinations. When I came up with the basic build of the accessory robot, I thought it would be a neat play feature if its parts could be interchangeable with Glitch.

I tried to make use of parts that had been used for Glitch and some of the SWARM characters, suggesting that he had to rebuild himself using SWARM debris after the events of Resurgence 2.

Filecard by G1Trekker

General Grievous - Torso
Retaliation Zartan - Shoulders
Iron Man - Lower Arms, Hips, Legs
ROC Cobra Commander - Head
New Sculpt Tele-Viper - Shoulder armor, head antennae
Retaliation Cobra Commander - Wrist Laser, Wrist Computer
Mercenary Wraith - Feet
IG Lancer Droid - Tech Belt

L8-L9 - “Head”
Darth Maul - Legs
Iron Grenadier - Missile Launcher Body
Data-Viper - Missile Racks
FX-6 - Manipulator Arms

PHX Customs is super excited and proud to announce that Danofthedead has become a full fledged member of PHX Customs! Dan has contributed to our projects and is one of the best there is out there, and we hope you look forward to his contributions with PHX in the future!!!
To find out more about Danofthedead and some of his incredible work, check out the following!

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