Wednesday, 20 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Lunar Showdown Space BATS and Iron Star Satellite Mission Set

Space B.A.T.S. by bucky
Packaging by Sam Panico

A straight forward repaint of the Arctic Bat, Space bat here was a rather simple repaint that fit in well with the space theme. A little MTF armor here and there, and the figure was done. The silver looked good, so I left it on there.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: all 50th B.a.t.
Torso:all 50th B.a.t.
Arms:all 50th B.a.t.
Legs:all 50th B.a.t.
Web gear: MTF Figure

Iron Star Satellite by Oreobuilder
"The Iron Grenadiers destroy enemy targets from space with Destro’s newest weapon! The IRON STAR SATELLITE fires its laser cannon from orbit and obliterates any foe! Includes 2 IRON GRENADIER Space Rangers TARGATs. Other figures sold seperately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

After I made Street Hawk for my Funskool project in 2015, I really liked the modern TARGAT recipe that I created for that figure, so I pieced together a couple more. At first, they were meant to be included in the Prologue’s Iron Grenadier gift set. However, I moved them out to make room for Darklon. They were homeless for a while, but when I came up with the Mission Sets, TARGAT fit right in.

For the colors, I adapted them to Destro’s pallet. I always thought that the silver and blue of the original did not work with the Iron Grenadiers, so I substituted for gold and red.

Once I decided that the TARGATs would represent our space environment, I searched for a suitable mini playset that could act as a companion piece. I went back and forth on a few ideas, but finally remembered a satellite that had been sitting in my fodder box for a while. After that, everything clicked. I gave it some weaponry and a new Iron Grenadiers color scheme and it was done.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: PoC Cobra Commander
Torso, arms: Ret Snake Eyes
Legs: RoC Neo-Viper
Helmet: PoC Alley Viper
Harness: RoC MARS Officer

Satellite: Generic Space Exploration with added missile racks and gun
Stand: iGear not-Cosmos (Transformer 3rd party)

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