Monday, 4 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Kangor with Gooru and Footloose

Kangor with Gooru by Dusty79

Packaging by Sam Panico

Kangor is another personal favorite character of mine. I had seen HypnoHustler do a version of him complete with a kangaroo wearing boxing gloves and was inspired to create my own version. I wanted to really differentiate him from Big Boa and so chose a unique head cast with the help of Bucky's fodder bin and made a unique webgear from all sorts of stuff from GI Joe to Star Wars to Marvel. Gooru was fun to armor up from a stock kangaroo and I love how they both turned out.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Cast (modded)
Torso, arms, legs, hands: 30th Road Pig
Gloves, weights: Cast
Weapon: 25th Red Ninja
Webgear:made from lots of fodder

Gooru is a Schliech kagaroo armored up with fodder and fake fingernails and he has a set of cast gloves as well.

Waterbug with Footloose by Oreobuilder
"It’s Joe’s preferred sea vehicle for fast attacks against Cobra’s swamp outpost! The high-speed water jets JOE into action over shallow waters. Twin barrel machine guns and side-mounted torpedoes destroy COBRA targets. Includes driver FOOTLOOSE. Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

For Resurgence 1, I made a Cobra Moray colored True Heroes jet-ski that included an Eel. Although it was a very simple repaint, I always liked the base vehicle. Since I originally bought 2, I knew I wanted to repaint the other into a Joe vehicle. The colors were picked to compliment the WHALE. If this thing existed in the Sunbow cartoon, I could easily imagine the whole craft launching from the WHALE for sea battles. This set was ready for Resurgence 2, but we decided to push it back since the storyline was mostly in the desert.

Footloose was always one of my childhood favorites. While working on my Battle Corps Month project in 2013, I first learned about the Battle Corps Rangers. This line was intended to be released in 1995 and bring GI Joe back to its military roots after a few years of neon wackiness. The line-up was to include a completely new version of Footloose. Since he had similarities to Muskrat, I thought it would be fun to cross train him in swamp fighting and give him a new ride.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Star Wars Biggs Darklighter
Torso: 25th Viper
Upper arms: RoC Monkeywrench
Lower arms: 25th Flint
Hands, legs: Retaliation Firefly
Web gear: PoC Snake Eyes
Hat: VvV Crosshair

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