Thursday, 28 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Cobra Island Heloraptor ROV Attack Chopper w. Radar, Swift and Whisp

GI Joe Heloraptor ROV Attack Chopper with Radar by Dusty79
"COBRA doesn’t stand a chance with GI JOE HELORAPTOR ROV ATTACK CHOPPER patrolling the skies! An evasive, highly manueverable remotely operated attack helicopter equipped with an armor penetrating Gauss cannon and two Gatling guns that swarms in to clear the battlefield of COBRA tanks and troops! Includes pilot RADAR with ROV control apparatus!."

Packaging by Sam Panico

We decided to do some self customs this time around and Radar is the character I came up for a Joe loosely based on me. The name Radar comes from a dog I had as a kid, a Golden Retriever who was a great friend. He had been named after the MASH character by the breeder, in fact the entire litter had been named after MASH characters. I was always into video games as a kid and so thought that would be an ineteresting angle to play up and since I have never served in the military, I figured may as well make me operate an attack ROV and look pretty civilian in attire. The rest was just arming up an appropriate airframe. I also included some 79's as a nod to my customizing moniker.

Filecard by Kilcarr

Head: Ret Agent Mouse
Torso: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Arms: Ret Agent Mouse
Legs: Renegades Law and Order
Jacket: The Walking Dead Carl Grimes
Feet:Retaliation 3-pack Firefly
Chair is from the Coastal Defender, modified a little.

Halo Gauss cannon
POC Black Dragon engines
ROC Dragonhawk

Whisp by bucky

Packaging by Sam Panico

 I was proud of the character and the custom of Whisp from Resurgence 1, and using the techniques and lessons I've learned over the last 3 years, really wanted to do another version. I received great feedback on the 1st version of the figure at the Springfield Con.

Lucky for me, I had a great flexible cast helmet sitting in my fodder that looked very similar to the V1, and didn't want to drill a hole in in for a ponytail. I opted to do pigtails instead, and give the figure a look you don't normally see on female Joes. She's one of my favorite characters I've created for the Resurgence Universe.

Filecard by GITrekker

Head: Pilot Scarlett head, with pigtails from a Star Wars figure, cast helmet of unknown origin.
Torso: Roc Scarlett
Arms: RoC Scalett/Star Wars figure, RoC Flash hands
Legs: Snowjob/Ret. Cyber Ninja
Web gear: Scarf from AVAC's Lab

Swift by bucky

Packaging by Sam Panico

Originally slated for Resurgence 2, Swift didn't make the cut and was shuffled to Part 3. Due to time constraints and the large amount of characters in Part 2, holding her off til the last round allowed me to really take as much time as I wanted with the custom. The final product isn't much different from the original build with the exception of the head. Switching to the Avengers head with more flexible hair allowed myself to then build up a backpack. A fun side note on the custom is that the bomb on the leg is in fact removable and I made a peg for it to come on and go back on. I went with a lot of "Joe" colors on her as a call back to the vintage 83-85 look.

Filecard by Billy Carr and Sam Panico

Head: Avengers Scarlet Witch
Torso: Retaliation Lady Jaye
Arms: Roc Breaker?
Legs: Agent Helix
Web gear: Star Wars figure

Next: Rolling Thunder from Dusty79


  1. I have to say, Swift is now one of my favorites of the entire Resurgence saga. The added family element really makes it for me--sort of like the GI Joe equivalent of Marvel's Spider-Girl.

    On another note, I've started a custom figure based on your earlier character Tracer, with a slightly different uniform. The torso and arms are the same, but the hands are different, as are the legs (from POC missile launcher Duke), and I hope to use the head of the Retaliation Duke that came with the Ghost Hawk II.

    1. I'll pass your compliment on to bucky. He did a great job on Swift and he'll be glad to hear it.

      That sounds like a great recipe to update Tracer. Please let me know when you post him, I'm looking forward to seeing it.