Tuesday, 26 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - Cobra Island Badger and Professor Braingames

GI Joe Badger with Offroad by bucky
"It’s the latest COBRA-crunching assault jeep! Features armored canopy, rotating turret with dual heavy cannons, battering ram and more! Includes driver OFFROAD! Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

The jeep that the new Badger is made out of was an awesome little vehicle before I decided to customize it up. I bought it with the intention of painting it up and stickering it for Joes, but the Joes didn't need another vamp. A Badger on steroids fit the bill for the custom though, I loved the original Badger as a kid. That thing could take a beating.

Offroad was a fun custom to make as well. The additions on the vest went on rather smoothly, and the coloring was meant to mimic the original Badger colors.

Head: BBI Elite Forces
Torso: Snake Eyes Retaliation
Arms: Cobra Commander
Legs: Snake Eyes Arctic
Web gear: Crimson Guard with Knife and Pouches added

Professor Braingames by bucky
Packaging by Sam Panico

The process of finding characters and specialties that have yet to be done in the Joe universe is somewhat challenging. One thing to do that was done in the ARAH line was to release new characters with the same specialty, which we do as well for the Resurgence Projects.

Another idea that I try to employ is to take a specialty that was only made for one team, and apply it to the other side. Braingames started out on paper as a Cobra Psyche Out, a deceptive warfare kind of guy. Reading up on Psyche Out and how he was used in the comics had me taking his Cobra counterpart in a different way, that of an Ivy League type that uses his intelligence to manipulate people. Kilcarr came up with a Professor Braingames bio and filecard that captures the essence of what I had in mind for the character, absolutely nailing it.

Filecard by Kilcarr

Head: RoC Zartan with glasses, sculpted hair, piece of gun for earpiece
Torso: Upper part BBTS Falcon, Lower unknown
Arms: Roc Cobra Commander
Legs: Roc Cobra Commander
Web gear: Roc Cobra commander

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  1. Your blog is an absolute treasure!

    1. Thank you, that is a great compliment :)


  2. I have a good friend who goes by the name The Cobra and is a behavioral psychologist. I’d love to get him the Professor Braingames action figure.