Tuesday, 19 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - City Strike Skyblast and Silver Mirage Motorcycle w. Buckshot

Skyblast by bucky
Packaging by Sam Panico

There hasn't been much in the way of "jet pack" troopers for Joe outside of Starduster, so the idea to create a new character was on my to do list.

I modeled him after the Rocketeer for strictly nostalgic reasons. After looking at my the initial build, he looked too similar!

I went back and started to add some different colors to the boots and gloves, and added the sky blue to the helmet. The backpack was pieced together with various parts out of my fodder bin and a Marvel pack. I imagine that the bottom thrusters and wings are what gets him in the air, and the secondary thrusters from the wings are what gets him going even faster. He was a fun figure to build and one of my favorites.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Star Wars Poe, VvV Helmet with fin added
Torso: Crimson Guard
Arms: Crimson Guard with Marvel Universe gloves
Legs: Viper/Alley Viper
Web gear: Cyber Ninja with pouches added

Silver Mirage Motorcycle with Buckshot by bucky
''Roar into action! This sleek turbo cycle is the fastest land vehicle in the mobile strike force. Includes double barrel cannon, side car mounted machine gun and armored canopy! Includes driver BUCKSHOT. Other figures sold seperately''

Packaging by Sam Panico

It's a custom of me? Sure why not? It's the last Resurgence. I added some scruff for chin hair, and a leather jacket for riding a motorcycle, something I enjoy quite a bit. The mirage was a fun custom as well, a little bit of scrap parts here and there gave me a new toy to ride around in.

Filecard by Klicarr

Head: Colton
Torso: DG shipwreck
Arms: heavy Metal
Legs: Ultimate Duke
Web gear: Raginspoon vest

Next: Space BATS from bucky and Lunar Showdown Mission Set from Oreobuilder

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