Monday, 18 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - City Strike BRAHMA and Aleph

Aleph by bucky

Packaging by Sam Panico

Aleph came about for the simplest of reasons. I got the head for the figure as a freebie after placing an order with Coby at AVACS Lab! My original intention was to place him in the Mission Brazil set, until Oreobuilder came up with the unique Cobra color scheme for that set. I didn't want to deviate from the set colors, so Aleph was placed further along in the project. His look and color scheme is an nod to the DIC cartoon series.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head:Cast from Avacslab
Torso:Retaliation Trooper
Arms: Upper Resolute trooer, lower Kamakura
Legs: Retaliation SE, Storm Shadow
Web gear: MU

BRAHMA by bucky
Packaging by Sam Panico

So there's this fella on Joecustoms that goes by Joemichaels,and being on the losing end of the Red Laser/Blue Laser contest, well he owed me a few customs. He delivered at Joe Con in Springfield, and one of them was using a robot body from Iron Man. A funny side note, is that for some reason, I always end up tearing apart the customs he gives me. I did the same thing for Resurgence 2 when I tore apart his Samurai Destro to make Kobura Kai.

This figure started off with just that bull head which I found in a Wal Mart clearance toy. I had it sitting around for awhile, and had it placed on a B.A.T. body for fun. After awhile, I thought it would make for a cool large robot, but I couldn't find the body in which to use it on. Then I remembered JM70's figure, and went to work.

I struggled a bit with this one. The build was pretty straighforward, I added kibble here and there so it didn't look completely like the Iron Man drone figure. It's the paint I had problems with. I'm not sure the difference in plastic is the reason, but the paints didn't like to stick well. In the end, I feel it came out ok, but I also feel it could have been alot smoother.

Thanks to members of Joecustoms for helping with the Acronym name.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Clearance Toy, unknown. Sorry lol.
Torso: Iron Man drone with Destro Straps
Arms: Iron Man with kibble from Hiss Drone
Legs: Iron Man with kibble from Data Viper Drone

Next: City Strike Mission Set from Oreobuilder

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