Friday, 15 July 2016

GI Joe Resurgence 3 - City Strike Big Boa and Foxtrot

Big Boa by Dusty79

Packaging by Sam Panico

Big Boa is yet another favorite of mine from childhood. When the GIJCC Big Boa head started being cast, I knew I wanted to do a Big Boa of some type. The GIJCC version was so good though, I didn't want to simply do a remake of that, I wanted something unique and to show a different side of the character. What would Big Boa be like on the battlefield? A bruiser no doudt. When I thought about this, I saw a huge armored beast reigning down destruction in a hail of lead from a chaingun. And what does M.D.N.W. stand for? "Mass Destruction, No Whining!"

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: Cast
Torso and hands: Ret Road Block
Arms and Upper Legs: RoC Heavy Duty (armor)
Lower Legs: Ret Road Block with Retaliation Kwinn boots modded on and IG armor
Vest: Bashed from bits of Ret Road Block, Ret Duke, an armored Captain America, and 30th IG armor
Weapon: Bashed from Poc Shock Trooper shield + various fodder parts

Foxtrot by Oreobuilder
Packaging by Sam Panico

I have had SK Omega characters on my customs radar for a while. I pieced together most of the main cast last year, but never got around to painting and accessorizing them. This project gave me the excuse I needed to get off my behind and get them done. I find it fitting that these characters would be included in a GI Joe toy line as they were created by the fathers of the modern GI Joe mythos. Foxtrot ended up being my favorite. The combination of dark blue and teal really works nicely for a toy.

Filecard by Sam Panico

Head: 25th Cobra Diver
Torso, upper arms: Resolute Scarlett
Lower arms, hands: 25th Scarlett
Legs: 25th Airborne
Vest: Star Wars Han Solo

Next: Centurion and Mudflap from Oreobuilder


  1. Did you seriously name Foxtrot after former Pink Ranger and Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson? Nice detail.

    1. Lol, mayyybe. Foxtrot should be easy to voice cast :D.

      Seriously, good catch. It was meant as a nod to Ms Johnson's role in Flashpoint. Several characters dating back to Resurgence 1 in 2014 have Flashpoint winks in their filecards.


    2. (Goes back looking for someone na med Mars, K)

      Funny, I just got a Big Boa head and made a bruiser version of him (QnD - just using the Retaliation Rock with Spy Troops armor on top). Axes and Hammers instead of a HTC though.

    3. The man knows his Resurgence. Great stuff man!