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Resurgence Prologue Day 3: Mission Brazil - Cobra

Prologue Day 3: Mission Brazil - Cobra

"COBRA’s secret temple is under attack by GI JOE. COBRA COMMANDER has dispatched his most ruthless mercenaries to defend the temple and repel the GI JOE team’s assault. Includes SKULLBUSTER, CRYSTAL BALL, VANDALO, OVERLORD, INTERROGATOR, NINJA-KU and SCRAP IRON! Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

Skullbuster by bucky
Late into the project, someone (I don't recall) made a great suggestion to expand the prologue into the main story by adding more teams. an excellent idea, I had several characters in mind right off the bat. The roster kept changing as I tweaked things here and there, and OB came up with an awesome color pallete for the Cobras that was an homage of sorts to the 2002 Jungle themed Viper. I went to the store to get the same paints he had to try to match the look across the board, which while it sounds easy, is incredibly difficult.

SkullBuster was one of the figures I had on the original roster, and tying him into the theme helped set him apart from the regular version. I went in my own direction for the figure as opposed to what we've seen in the past.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Crossbones head
Torso: Dusty 50th
Arms: Dusty 50th
Legs: Jungle Viper
Web gear: Dusty50th/Maverick MU

Crystal Ball by bucky
The body in use for this Crystal Ball has been set aside for years now, for the purpose of making a Crystal Ball custom. I just never got around to it. A couple of reasons were the head and shield, the gear was always changing. I just could never find a good recipe that I liked. I revisited the wip for the project here, and inspiration struck when I happened to pop that head on the body. I knew I had found my Crystal Ball head. A little sculpy later, I moved onto the gear. I ended up with a SW Gungan warrior figure and gear set for that purpose. The real challenge was the shield. I just couldn't replicate the original. Joecustoms member Nova shared a picture of what he used for an updated shield years ago, which came from a Sigma 6 figure. That lead to the idea that Crystal Ball has evolved from a silly hypnotist joke of a character to a creepy black magic occult type of character.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Retaliation Roadblock with Sculpted hair
Body: Roc Neo Viper
Web gear: Gungan Warrior
Weapon: Shield from Sigma Six mini figures

Vandalo by bucky
Who is Vandalo? Originally a repaint of Gristle from South America, he kind of seemed like a no brainer for the project. An easy add in. But he wasn't easy. Instead of coming up with a new take, my first couple of attempts basically kept remaking Gristle, which didn't fit the theme or the idea. Strange as it sounds, it was a struggle, as I kept remaking Gristle over and over again, to the point where I almost dropped Vandalo out. Once I got past the Gristle look and idea, and went off in a direction that was different than the original, he fell together and I liked how it looked, and added him back into the project. The figure, despite being fully painted, was one that I got very lucky with in that he retains an incredible range of motion with no paint chipping.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: LotR Legolas with Visor added
Torso: Retalliation Snake Eyes V1
Arms: Retaliation Firefly
Legs: Crimson Guard/Resolute Trooper
Web gear: Arctic Enake Eyes

Overlord by Oreobuilder
Once we settled on a Mission Brazil Cobra team, we went back and forth about whom to include on the roster. We really wanted to make Major Bludd, but the caster that was to supply some of the parts to bucky wasn't going to be able to deliver in time, as it was to be a shrink of the Sideshow Major Bludd head. Fortunately, we had a plan B. I quickly threw together Overlord with a similar recipe that I had used years ago for a Group Project. I modernized it a bit and gave it a color scheme inspired by the Club’s 2006 version. Overlord is not a character that many people make customs of, so we liked the idea of including him in the set.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: VvV Crimson Guard with added monocle
Helmet: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Torso, upper arms: 25th Destro
Lower arms: 25th Iron Grenadier
Upper legs: 25th Zartam
Lower legs: RoC Neo Viper

Interrogator by Oreobuilder
Once we decided to spin off Mission Brazil from Resurgence 3, we wanted to create a Cobra 7-Pack. We started brainstorming about possible team members. I had a WIP build of the Interrogator since 2013. Originally, I was going to include him in my Battle Corps Month project. He did not make the cut at the time, so I dusted off the figure and re-thought the color scheme. Since we were creating a unified color pallet for the team, he needed to fit in but be different at the same time. For some reason, I felt that a khaki uniform, inspired by my Eagle Force General Mamba custom, worked for the character so I started there. I decided to include the Battle Copter accessory as homage to the original figure.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head, web gear: DTC Interrogator
Torso, arms, lower legs: 25th Crimson Guard
Upper legs: 25th Viper
Weapon: POC Shock Trooper
Battle Copter: Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander

Ninja-Ku by Oreobuilder
With a setting like Brazil for a mission, we looked at all South American exclusives as inspiration. The original Ninja-Ku was released in Argentina in the eighties. We imagined that Cobra created a sustained a network of mercenaries and agents in South America and calls upon them to support their forces when needed.

Even though Hasbro released a Ninja-Ku Storm Shadow during the 25th Anniversary, I thought he could use an update with modern parts. The recipe is pretty straight forward using a couple of different recent Storm Shadows.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Retaliation Kamakura
Torso, Arms: DG Storm Shadow
Legs, weapons: Retaliation Storm Shadow

Scrap Iron by Oreobuilder
Bucky came up with the idea of a ‘’Mission Brazil’’ GI Joe team early in the project. At first, it was going to be of the missions for Resurgence 3. As it evolved, we decide to make Mission Brazil its own thing. We expanded it by adding Cobra. To fill the roster, Sam suggested that we make it a ‘’Cobra’s Most Wanted’’ mercenary type of squad.

I’m pretty I’ve mentioned somewhere that Scrap Iron was one of my favorite figures growing up. As such, I enjoy making customs of the character. For this version, I knew I wanted to make a jungle version, but I did not want to simply repaint a 25th anniversary style recipe. I wanted to modernize his gear and armor. For the colors, I proposed a jungle themed pallet to bucky loosely based on the Club’s Operation Flaming MOTH and the 2002 green Viper.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: 25th Scrap Iron
Torso, upper arms, legs: 50th Lowlight
Lower Arms: POC Destro
Weapon: POC Viper

Next: Join us starting July 1st for the final chapter on the Resurgence saga...


  1. Awesome Cobra squad! With them, come my next round of voice actor picks:
    -Peter Stormare as the voice of Skullbuster
    -Brian George as the voice of Crystal Ball
    -Rino Romano as the voice of Vandalo
    -Neil Kaplan as the voice of Overlord
    -Mark Hamill as the voice of the Interrogator
    -Isaac Singleton, Jr. as the voice of Ninja-Ku
    -Michael Bell as the voice of Scrap-Iron

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy them. These were a lot of fun to make!