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Resurgence Prologue Day 1: Mission Brazil - GI Joe

"COBRA COMMANDER has hidden the plans to his ultimate weapon in a secret COBRA Temple deep in the Amazon Rainforest. GENERAL HAWK has deployed a GI JOE strike team to investigate and retrieve the secret data. Seven team members are included: BREACHER, EAGLE EYE, TANGO, BROADSIDE, MONGOOSE, GROUNDPOUNDER and BULKHEAD! Other figures sold separately."

Packaging by Sam Panico

Eagle Eye by bucky
For a Prologue to the main story, Mission Brazil was to be a team of Joes like the original Arah line, with unique color schemes. I had some ideas in my head, and one of them was to do repaints of Resurgence 1 and 2 characters to tie in with our homage to the original line. Repaints that were practically the same builds as the previous versions (as much as I could) while adding a few tweaks here and there. While the original Mission Brazil was straight up repaints, it did feature a kitbash in the form of Claymore. As you go farther into the original line and into the new century, some repaints had new parts mixed in. I went that route with the set for those reasons, and not having all the original pieces to replicate the figure.

One of the figures I wanted to make in repaint form was my favorite, Eagle Eye. I had all the parts to make another and jumped at the chance to do him again, in a slightly different uniform scheme than you usually see in Mission Brazil. I kept the colors of Dial Tone throughout the whole build. Thanks to Avacs Lab and Angry Nomad customs, I was able to get a duplicate helmet and shield instead of scratch building one or tracking a shield down.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Storm Shadow Retaliation/Avacs Lab cast
Torso: Poc Duke with belt and pouches added
Arms: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Legs: Poc Firefly with holsters added
Weapon: Angry Nomad Customs Shield, Marauder Gun.

Breacher by bucky
Breacher first debuted in Resurgence 1, a creation of Oreobuilder. I thought he'd be a fun character to tackle as a repaint for Resurgence 3. Remaking someone else's custom in repaint form is deceptively hard. I stayed as true to the original build as I could, except I used different lower legs, and used a different shield. The build took longer than almost any other custom, as I had to disassemble the figure more than once to sand more joints down. As simple as this build looks, it was a pain in my butt. His look is based off Leatherneck's colors.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Renegade soldier
Torso: Renegade soldier
Arms: 30th Hawk
Legs: Renegade soldier, Retaliation Duke
Web gear: Resolute Roadblock
Weapon: Various

Tango by bucky
Tango (from Resurgence 1) came to Mission Brazil kind of late in the game compared to everyone else. I was struggling to find another character that could be on the team and that I could find the parts for. I had to gather the parts up for him in the end, I had a jungle themed character staring at me in the face and didn't put 2 and 2 together for the longest time. I made him an homage to the Dial Tone colors.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: BBTS Burnout
Torso: BBTS Burnout
Arms: BBTS Burnout, WWE elbow pad
Legs: PoC Destro, Poc Duke
Web gear: Poc Recondo
Weapon: Cast hat, various

Broadside by bucky
During Resurgence 2, Broadside was kidnapped in the prologue story by Cobra, that was written by Joecustoms Alum Charles Cushman (aka Raptor). If you followed along with the story that was being told, you learned that he was experimented on by Glitch and transformed into a Cobra, and was the driver of the DeBugger that was created by KeepItCleanCustoms. A fun way to bring him back to the team (after his rescue at the end of Part 2), drastically different due to his encounter with Cobra and Glitch. The idea that I wanted to finish his storyline was the catalyst to creating the Mission Brazil set.

I built the figure first, the head came later on. I used a 50th Hit N Run head due to the lack of hair and wanting to try sculptings some, and for the scowl, as I wanted to convey the anger in him. I cut up alot of random kibble to make the electronics on his face. For the hair, I used some green stuff. His color scheme is meant to mimic Wet Suit from the original Mission Brazil.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Hit N Run 50th
Torso: RoC Duke, Poc Beach Head
Arms: Rock duke
Web gear: Raginspoon Cast

Mongoose by bucky
In creating this team of repaints by my friends at PHX, I didn't want to leave Dusty79 without a figure. He creates some amazing work, and I looked at Mongoose as being the entry that represents his contribution. The figure differs slightly on the build due to parts availability, but I still feel as though it's recognizable as to whom it is. His color scheme is meant to mimic Mainframe.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Retaliation Soldier with Star Wars Helmet, scope added
Torso: Retaliation Airborne
Arms: Retaliation Airborne
Legs: Wild Weasel
Web gear: Retaliation Lift Ticket

Groundpounder by bucky
Of all the figures that we've made, there are two Joe characters that I see as the "face" of Resurgence. Eagle Eye and Groundpounder. One represents the concept of a soldier in the future, and one represents the soldier of today. In my mind, they are best friends. There was no way I was going to make this team without the two of them. They also represent the only two Joe characters to appear in every installment.

The original concept behind Resurgence was a "what if" this was really at retail. Throughout the line, we've had rules in place to keep it in check and keep that theme going, whether it be the G slightly to PG filecards to the names of the characters in the presentations. Groundpounder is a character that if this line were real, he'd be one of the "faces" of the line. The character is painted in Mission Brazil Claymore colors.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: Dollar General Duke
Torso: Ultimate Duke
Arms: Ultimate Duke
Legs: Ultimate Duke
Web gear: Pit Trooper
Weapon: Unknown

Bulkhead by bucky
Bulkhead was a figure I had a great time creating for part 1. The look, the color, the filecard by Trekker, everything just seemed to click on the figure. I was excited to bring him back for the Mission Brazil set, as he was a favorite of mine and garnered alot of positive reviews from Resurgence 1. I didn't tweak the build at first, but tried the Leatherneck vest on him and liked it enough to swap that in place of the original's Flint webgear.

Filecard by G1Trekker

Head: BBTS Bull
Torso: Retaliation Roadblock
Arms: Upper Roadblock, Lower Low Light
Legs: BBTS Red Dog
Web gear: Leatherneck

Next: GI Joe gets help from and unexpected ally…

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