Sunday, 6 March 2016

Some Early 2000s Figures: Daina, Big Ben and Storm Shadow

Custom Celebration X finished last week. However, it gave me the opportunity to finish some ''WIPs'' (works in progress) that have been sitting on my desk for a while. I'll be posting these up in the next week.

Big Ben
When GI Joe was re-launched in 1997, several older molds were repainted. This was an opportunity for collectors to get their hands on certain figures that had missed as kids. Big Ben had not been seen since 1992 and was repainted as an Arctic trooper in 2000. I bought this version when I was just getting back into Joes and this repaint always made sense to me. After I found a good recipe to make the original Big Ben, this custom was added to my ‘’to-do’’ list. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to knock it off my list.

Head: 2000 Big Ben
Torso, upper arms: RoC Duke
Lower arms: Retaliation GI Joe Trooper
Legs: 25th Snow Serpent

Daina sat in my ‘’Work in Progress (WIP)’’ pile for a long time. I built the custom a while back, but since it was a pretty simple painting job, I kept pushing back due to other projects. I kept telling myself ‘’It won’t take long to paint, so I should work on stuff that takes longer first’’. Recently, I told myself that it was time to buckle down and get her finished. I was correct, it was a very quick painting job. She is now displayed with my custom Oktober Guard. Updating them will go on my to-do list now.


Head: VvV Comic Pack
Torso, arms: 25th Lady Jaye
Harness: 50th Lady K=Jaye
Legs: RoC Breaker

Storm Shadow (Urban Division)
One of the great things that came out of the New Sculpt years, particularly during Valor Vs Venom, was the Toys R Us 6-packs. These sets took vintage Joes and repainted them into new sub-teams. The Cobra Strike Team - Urban Division was pretty good at the time. It had some good troop builders and a fun version of Storm Shadow clad in gray. Since I have already made Firefly as well as Scrap Iron from this team, I figured that I may as well keep going. Next up will probably be Nullifier.


Head: 50th Storm Shadow
Upper legs: 50th Lowlight
Everything else: DG Storm Shadow

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