Sunday, 21 February 2016

Retro Toy Chest Day 7: Lego

The Lego Group started producing plastic bricks in 1949 (Before that time, they made wooden toys.) and has since transcended toys and become a cultural icon. Everybody had at least some Lego growing up.

Their now famous articulated minifigure was first introduced in 1978. That year, Lego astronauts were only available in red and white, with yellow being added the following year. In the mid-80s, they added the blue and black astronauts to their sets, but since they were only produced for a couple of years, they are now much less common than the first three colors.

Lego Astronaut by bucky

I wasn't a Lego kid. I had a couple of really small sets. I enjoyed them, but never got into them, and I didn't receive much as gifts growing up either. I'm guessing my parents didn't like stepping on them? Or if someone asked what to get me for my birthday, I'm sure G.I. Joe or whatever I was really into at the time was the answer.

While digging up pictures and 80's properties to make for the project, I thought a Lego guy might be a fun and interesting, and somewhat challenging figure to make. I went with the Lego set I remember having (the only one stuck in my head). It's in my memories as a set given to me when we had a family wedding in Iowa, and we flew in from Arizona at the time. I played with the set for the whole week. I remember that week my cousin also gave me the Duke helmet, which I had lost long before. Strange memory, I know.

Parts list:
50th Trooper
Cast ARAH Sci Fi Helmet over a Cobra commander head, with green stuff. Smiley Face by dusty79. Backpack unknown, all other Lego stuff from Oreobuilder!

Next: Bucky believes that there is ‘’No Fate but What You Make’’ and Oreobuilder believes in ‘’The Force of Freedom.’’

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